1. Waffle

    Waffle Well-Known Member

    an I still able to join?
  2. I summon hypixel who bans the zombies and types /butcher to be sure

    EDIT: i do that next turn forgot i already did something
  3. You turn the ground beneath the zombies into lava BUT...
    The lyrics blast the zombies for 5 damage. each.

    You killed Basic Zombie!

    You are in now.

    You are in now.

    Your nuke failed to explode due to falling in to the lava.

    You flooded the battlefield, nullifying the lava. The last zombie was swept away by the water for 10 damage.


    Basic Zombie attacked Astatine for 2 damage.

    Zombies Remaining: 1

    Astatine: 4/10 HP
    MrKillU: 8/10 HP
    GoodDoggo: 6/10 HP
    PostFarmer: 6/10 HP
    JavaBrine: 6/10 HP
    Fluidheart: 8/10 HP
    Resourcefulness: 10/10 HP
    YoshiDaYoshi: 10/10 HP
    P1xelBit: 10/10 HP
    Waffle: 10/10 HP

    Basic Zombie: 10/60 HP

  4. Waffle

    Waffle Well-Known Member

    oh I'm aleady in xd
  5. Are you going to take an action or what
  6. Waffle

    Waffle Well-Known Member

    oh, uh I whack a zombie with a waffle
  7. I'm just going to push the turn since u are going to kill it anyways.

    You whacked the zombie with the waffle for 10 damage.

    You killed Basic Zombie!

    Congratulations, Wave 1 has been defeated!
    Standby for upgrades.

    Anyone who is alive currently can help select the upgrades.
  8. All individuals can choose one black boost on the list for themselves and vote for one green boost to be applied for the whole team.

    Green boost votes will be placed here:

    [1] Turret: JavaBrine, Waffle, Astatine, Fluid
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2018
  9. Waffle

    Waffle Well-Known Member

    Can we get attack and fortify
  10. Lets see what the other survivors want.
  11. I agree with Waffle
  12. All players please know that you only regain 5 HP between waves, your HP counter does not reset.
  13. Attack and Heal.

    Nuts, I thought these would be individual boosts.
  14. Wizard

    Wizard Member

  15. They were but I realize that it would be really difficult to keep track of so now its team bonuses.

    It would also be overpowered to have everyone select turret and have an OP turret with like 100 attack from one turn.
  16. I think Attack is a unanimous choice at the moment.
    What will your second upgrade be?
  17. hmm

    I guess max
  18. So in other words nobody has any idea which other upgrade the group should choose
  19. Smartness level doubles: team creates better battle strategies?
  20. *cue slow clap*

    Nicely done.

    So what upgrades are you going to vote for

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