1. Well hey there! Welcome to Survive the Apocalypse, a game similar to Forum Adventurers except it’s an infinite zombie survival! Please know that this forum game can be pretty fast based and active so be ready otherwise you may lose your chance for boosts.

    Wave Survival
    Here’s how it works:
    - Players start with 10 HP and 1 Action a Turn. Whenever someone heals someone else it heals them for 2 HP and when someone is revive they are revived with 50% max HP. You automatically heal 3 HP in between waves.

    - Come up with creative attacks to kill zombies, heal allies, and revive downed friends to survive, or use one of your weapons. Creative attacks will deal more damage BUT have a chance of missing. Drawn guns have 100% chance of hitting the target but deal slightly less damage.

    - If you lose all your HP you have 3 turns to be revived or you die. Revives take 2 turns and can be stopped and continued, and if you can still be revived at the end of the round you are automatically revived. If you die you have to wait for the group to activate a Retribution Perk to bring you back to life.

    - Those who are alive at the end of the round can choose from a variety of upgrades to apply. These upgrades affect all survivors and, besides the Turret and Wall, they are all permanent. You can choose one black benefit to add to yourself and vote for one green benefit that is decided on by the whole group. More may be added later on. Currently the upgrades available are:
    > +2 Max HP
    > +1 Heal
    > +Agility
    > +Turret (Add a turret to the defenses with 20 Attack Damage and 20 HP OR Upgrade and repair current turret.)
    > Fortify (Build a wall with 100 HP OR add 100 HP to the existing wall. The wall is attacked before players and turrets and takes x5 damage.)
    > Retribution (Bring a dead player back from permanent death.)

    > Weapons Chest (Open a weapons chest for a weapon)

    To join a round do /in. Round will start whenever. Turns can be pushed early, but it also prevents other players from potentially assisting.

    Good luck Adventurers, and make sure not to die!

    - Knight

    Current Wave
    Wave 1



    Infinite Survival
    Defend @P1xelBit’s bunker from the endless onslaught of zombies for as long as you can!
    - The bunker starts with 100 HP. You can repair/upgrade it with the use of an action. Each action adds 2 HP.
    - Everyone has one action and starts with 10 HP. Every 5 zombies killed by you adds 1 HP to your max.
    - At least 1 Zombie will spawn every turn.
    - Revive rules are the same except if you die it’s perma death, no way to come back (yet)
    - You can hide in the bunker and heal 3 HP per turn there and be immune to zombie targettinf, but you can’t take any actions against them.
    - If the bunker reaches 0 HP it’s game over.

    The Book of Zombies
    HP: 60
    ATK: 2
    Special: None
    Description: They don't post much of a threat on their own, but when they group into a horde they can be unstoppable.
    HP: 30
    ATK: 4
    Special: Evasion+
    Description: These things are newly infected and boy are they fast.
    HP: 80
    ATK: 2
    Special: Resistance+
    Description: What happens when a heavily armored individual realizes all the armor actually reduces their maneuverability and makes them more
    susceptible to infection.
    HP: 150
    ATK: 1
    Special: 5 HP Recovery/Turn
    Description: When someone overweight or obese becomes infected with the virus.
    HP: 50
    ATK: 2
    Special: Can attack before becoming targetable.
    Description: These guys learned how to take spit and pieces of themselves and throw it at the enemy.
    HP: 100
    ATK: 0
    Special: Summons one Basic Zombie every turn.
    Description: The wizard who revives the dead in order to kill the living.
    HP: 100
    ATK: 1
    Special: Deals 1 damage to all players during Zombie Attack phase instead.
    Description: Hey this guy seems familiar...
    HP: 20
    ATK: 2
    Special: Explode upon attacking and deals 2 damage to all friendlies and allies.
    Description: Those things are just sacrificing themselves...
    HP: 50
    ATK: 3
    Special: Cannot be targeted until it attacks, ignores fortifications.
    Description: Ninjas are pretty deadly, even when a zombie.
    HP: 10
    ATK: 6
    Special: Evasion++
    Description: Poor doggo.
    HP: 60
    ATK: 5
    Special: Has a sword
    Description: It's just a Basic Zombie with a Sword.
    HP: 150
    ATK: 3
    Special: Heals all zombies 5 HP per turn, Double Attack, Ignores fortifications
    Description: Looks like Hypixel got infected...
    HP: 100
    ATK: 4
    Special: Ignores fortifications, Evasion+
    Description: Luckykessie wasn't so lucky this time...
    HP: 350
    ATK: 1
    Special: Occasionally nullifies an action by "throwing them out of the swamp."
    Description: How did they manage to get
    Shre- I mean JamesJ?
    HP: 140
    ATK: 2
    Special: Heals all zombies 5 HP a turn
    Description: Gosh darn it, who's going to do the guild update now?
    HP: 1
    ATK: 1
    Special: Evasion++++++++, Attack+, Quad Attack, Ignores fortifications
    Description: Oh crap....
    HP: MaxHP*10
    ATK: 3
    Special: Ignores fortifications
    Description: It looks like we were careless...
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  2. I guess I will partake.
  3. Okay you're in.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2018
  4. PostFarmer

    PostFarmer Well-Known Member

  5. GoodestDoggo

    GoodestDoggo Well-Known Member

    ill join

  6. Ok I’ll add you.

    Don’t worry, I don’t type as often in red on my Forum games.
  7. GoodestDoggo

    GoodestDoggo Well-Known Member

    oh thank god
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  8. When should I start the wave?
  9. Okay I'm starting it now.

    Wave 1 has begun.

    Zombies Remaining: 5

    A Basic Zombie appeared!
    A Basic Zombie appeared!

  10. ok ur in
  11. Am i in the current wave already?
  12. Well now you are. Go ahead and take an action.
  13. I pull a handgun out of my pocket and shoot the zombies
  14. Grab a conveniently placed loaded gun and headshot the zombies.
  15. You targeted all the zombies. You dealt 10 Damage to each zombie.

    You miss one of the zombies but land the headshot directly on one of the other zombies, dealing 30 damage.

    Basic Zombie attacked Astatine for 2 Damage!
    Basic Zombie attacked MrKillU for 2 Damage!

    Astatine: 8/10 HP
    MrKillU: 8/10 HP
    GoodDoggo: 10/10 HP
    PostFarmer: 10/10 HP

    Basic Zombie: 20/60 HP
    Basic Zombie: 50/60 HP

    Because you guys are sticking with realistic version I’ll make the game like that.
  16. can I join

    if I can then uh

    I charge out of nowhere and give the lower HP zombie a mighty kick
  17. No
  18. I use a super star and kill all the zombies

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