1. Forgot to clarify: All status effects[Outside of special cases, which I would list on the character's HP] disappear at the end of the turn since it's easier that way, so Thanos is still capable of using the stones
  2. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    Create a Time Loop just like Dr. Strange did with Dormammu and annoy Thanos till the end of this days while he kills me but I keep coming back.
  3. I get Sombra to start hacking Thanos!
  4. Uh yeah I use the attack that has failed and summon 100 sentient Spruce Slabs

    If that fails I demonetize Thanos and hopefully gets a good attack after this
  5. Hungurr

    Hungurr Well-Known Member

    Dreams DREAM
    Do this to Thanos but instead It's a Mega Base instead of train boi
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  6. I summon watchdog to attack Thanos.
  7. i pour molten gold over him
  8. Make hash-browns out of 'em.
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  9. 1 day rule I roll 3D10 (0-9) and deal that much damage
  10. Hungurr

    Hungurr Well-Known Member

    Dreams DREAM
    1 day rule I increase the thrusters of the Mega Base
  11. You use a mighty beam on Thanos for 10 damage before Thanos clenched his fist and turned the beam into spaghetti with the Reality Stone!
    Thanos was in fact able to Reality Stone, and turned the state of manhattan into dust before it could land!
    Thanos used the Time stone to break the loop!
    Thanos failed to get annoyed by the attack!
    Sombra hacked Thanos! The gauntlet is unusable for the rest of this turn!
    You summon 100 sentient Spruce Slabs!
    Thanos was still able to use his Fortnite Superjump, and slam on the ground with a shock wave!
    The boosted train attack hit Thanos for 20 damage!
    Watchdog did not detect anyone hacking, therefore it did not attack Thanos!
    Thanos punched the ground with tremendous force to shake the area! Both attacks failed due to needing relative stability!
    You attempted to throw the dice, but Thanos used the Space Stone to throw them out of orbit!
    150/1000HP Thanos
  12. Throw my boredom at Thanos

    This is taking a lot longer than I'd like but I'm an impatient person by nature and it's your game
  13. DonaldJTrump_

    DonaldJTrump_ Well-Known Member

  14. Hungurr

    Hungurr Well-Known Member

    Dreams DREAM
    Teleport behind Thanos and do a Hyper Nova Punch

    EDIT: 1 day rule the Hyper Nova Punch is faster
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  15. Summon Chuck Norris to attack Thanos.
  16. i zombie bite thanos
  17. Guess I got no attacks on if the 100 Spruce slabs are alive they all hit Thanos

    If not:
  18. I summon all the people who trust in god to attack thanos.
  19. i summon luna to banish and tell storys
  20. Thanos is gonna get flawlessed by General Cluck.

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