1. I drop a bunch of guardians (the ones from Zelda BOTW) into the battle, and order them to blast anything that moves!
  2. I quick summon an ally, they attack, and they go go back to where they came from.
    The ally is Guan Yu, a Chinese war saint to which he welds a big damn spear thing, better known as a guandao. He then attacks, but anticipating a counter,feinted then dodged, then he shin kicked thanos into a big damn circular swing three times, one from left, one from right, and another from the top
  3. Good for you now 1 day rule I use Machine Shotgun Sniper Railgun Lazer Rocket Flame Lazer Launcherâ„¢
  4. I shall use the power of this bump to attack Thanos!

    That's my attack @birdbrain103. Just wanted to make sure you knew that.
  5. Thanos begins to perish, but simply uses the gauntlet to return himself!
    Thanos used the Reality Stone to turn the Water to dust, and turned around and punched through your Rapier!
    Thanos got tired of time manipulating attacks, and simply used the Time Stone to cancel your Za Warudo!
    Thanos used the Time Stone again to slow down the knife speed to a crawl!
    Thanos used his Fortnite Super-Jump and leaped intot he air, before falling down with a ground-punch that knocked all Logan and Jake Paulers to the side!
    The laser was charged previously!
    The laser charges! (1x)
    The laser charges! (2x)
    The laser charges! (3x)
    The laser was charged again!
    The laser charges!(4x)
    You fire the ISSECS Laser Beam!
    The Laser strikes Thanos for 90 Damage! This is the highest damage in this thread after 6,445 Posts!

    The godmodder was simply too tired to bother with this
    Thanos stays perfectly still meaning his forces are perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
    You summon Guan Yu, But he's shot immediately @Ferrothorn88 's Guardians!
    The bump strikes Thanos for 10 damage!
    You attempt to use so many different guns at once, that it flips it's self over due to having to have a massive amount of electromagnets and electricity to power a Rail Gun in the first place, along with the batteries needed.

    220/1000HP Thanos
  6. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    Epic, lets grab all those 6000 posts and drop em on Thanos
  7. I'll assist Pixel's attack by tossing other forumgames at Thanos because yes
  8. I press a self destruct button to destroy all the guardians from the previous turn, causing a huge explosion!
  9. I use the 10th post on page 323 as my attack!
    What do you mean it's this one?

    Anyways I use the sun's deadly lazer
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  10. I tell all of Thanos fans how Thanos can not really snap
    , and the fans turn against him, The One Above all I summoned earlier shields them from any infinity stone attacks.
  11. Hungurr

    Hungurr Well-Known Member

    Dreams DREAM
    Nose dive this thing onto Thanos while the thrusters are on
  12. i make a really mean yo mom joke about thanos and tell it to him
  13. One day rule I summon 100 Sentient Spruce Slabs
  14. Hungurr

    Hungurr Well-Known Member

    Dreams DREAM
    Whats the 1 day rule?
  15. After 24 hours without attacks being processed, we get a second action. Not all GMs use that though, so be warned.


    meh I'll just throw the rest of the Offtopic section at Thanos too.
  16. Hungurr

    Hungurr Well-Known Member

    Dreams DREAM
    Oh ok then
    One day rule: Loli tank army
    I summon a bunch of lolis in tanks to blast Thanos
  17. Thanos used the Reality Stone, and turned the 6000 posts into bits of code that floated away into the wind!
    These types of attacks have already been used, but I'll let this pass.
    You press the self-destruct button!
    Guardians begin exploding!
    Guardians did 30 damage to Thanos, and consumed the next attack!
    The attack was consumed in @Ferrothorn88 's Guardian Self-Destruct
    Thanos gets confused momentarily about actually thing about how he snaps!
    Thanos can't use the Infinity Gauntlet's stones!
    Thanos was still strong enough even without the Gauntlet, and managed to hold his hands out and block the ship!

    Thanos was slowly being pushed back by the nose-diving ship!
    Thanos gets frustrated from the joke, and decides to let go of the ship and throw it at the nearest attack!
    Thanos grabs the Ship, and throws it at the Off-Topic section, causing a massive dumpster fire!

    Thanos gets shot for 10 damage, before using the Fortnite-Super Jump to crash down and cause a shockwave, flipping over the tanks!

    Thanos found resolve and is now able to use the Infinity Stones!

    180/1000HP Thanos
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  18. I use all my rage built up from all the "____ is unfair" threads to power a massive, destructive ray aimed at Thanos.
  19. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    Drop the state of manhattan on Thanos since he cant reality stone right now

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