1. Saitama uses his Killer Move: Serious Series - Serious Punch on Thanos.
  2. P1xelBit

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    Begin channeling the star energy towards the intergalactic cannon LIGHTBEAM, also enable the BRIMSTONE security protocol to remove all external threats inside the system, including @enderasher, turning them all to stardust and blasting them into a blackhole a few lightyears away.

    Project ISSECS Status: NOT READY
    Sattelites Alignment.............CHECK
    Star Energy Extraction.........CHECK
    Star Energy Channeling.......CHECK
    LIGHTBEAM Satellite.........SYSTEM OFFLINE
  3. Throw my Cursed Scythe of the Eclipse at P1xelBit's ISSECS to increase the power of the lazah
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  5. i gift the ISSECS system with massive amounts of entropy (google it i cant explain it)
  6. Good thing my scythe is cursed
  7. well i mean your scythe is useless since i redid my comment
    RIP Hungurr
    Death by entropy
  8. I would rather die using Void Heart (skill of mine that nullifys the damage my teammates take but I go subatomic on the boss)
  9. I time tap and use a recursive sharpening tool.
    Any previous blade based attacks now deal increased damage
    I then space tap and make thanos a current true velocity 0. For reference the earth is spinning very fast, orbiting very fast round the sun, which is orbiting the galaxy very fast which is then moving very fast around the universe. It is a very big deaccelleration and any body cannot take so much acceleration at once. However this is because i am taking physics and a breif video about velocity
    In short, thanos velicty is 0, he is thrown so fast that he takes damage, and thrown so far away from the battle fiel
  10. I teleport everyone to Hanamura.
  11. Thanos used his Gauntlet. powered by the Power Stone to punch the character, but hit by a spike of the edge for 10 damage!

    Thanos was slowed by trying to think about 19th century Anglican Church politics tied to a long word

    Thanos used his Gauntlet to block Lucario's Close Combat, and then used the Power Stone to punch Lucario!
    However Thanos was hit from behind with a Steel Pipe due to being too focused on Lucario!
    Thanos faked out trying to punch One-Punch-Man's attack, and instead used the Reality Stone to pretend to get one-shotted by the punch!
    The laser charges! (1x)
    The laser charges! (2x)
    The laser charges! (3x)
    All attacks below this attack are immune to any Infinity Stone based attacks!
    Thanos is subjected to a true Velocity of 0!
    Thanos is quickly thrown against the side of a mountain for 20 damage before clenching the Gauntlet and setting his velocity back using the Reality Stone!
    All attacks above this attack deal increased damage, but due to no blade attacks dealing damage it had no effect!

    The move tried to teleport everyone, but it failed due to a location not being specified by the Godmodder!(No Citation location)
    320/1000HP Thanos
  12. Thanos perishes because i can't be bothered to maje other atatcksin this sleep-frepirved state
  13. ifiw

    ifiw Well-Known Member

    Lucario uses water pulse on Thanos and it confuses him.
    After that I stab thanos with a rapier
  14. I cast ZA WARUDO!!!! And throw a bunch of knives at Thanos
  15. I summon MILLIONS of Logang and jake paulers to attack thanos
  16. P1xelBit

    P1xelBit Well-Known Member

    Fire the ISSECS laser beam
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  18. To bad that was really easy to read
  19. charge issecs

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