1. I time travel to the past and stop Nintendo switches Mum and dad from meeting each other
  2. I use talking in a high-pitched robot voice to annoy the switch
  3. njm00

    njm00 Well-Known Member

    Expendables 銏EXPD鉠
    I show 100 members of the PC master race BOTW running at 20fps, they all attack on sight.
  4. You charge up a guardian laser!
    The second one sounded a lot more funnier so instead @AGrumpyCat you summon a broom wearing a bikini wielding a moblin!
    @Ferrothorn88 fires a Guardian laser and blasts you towards a nearby cliff!
    Scott Walker fires at the nintendo switch for 40 damage!
    Hypixel's stick of mighty greatness lightly poked the switch and managed to hit the power button!

    The game couldn't load the message due to the switch being off!
    The switch's blue controller snaps at you before returning
    you couldn't time travel
    The switch was off and couldn't be effected!
    The PC master race hit for 20 damage!
    Nintendo Switch 550/1000HP
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  5. AGrumpyCat

    AGrumpyCat Well-Known Member

    The... Broom defends the switch...
    (Man that's something I never thought I'd say(
  6. ThomasTaiTai

    ThomasTaiTai Well-Known Member

    the right angle's toxicity dealt 1 dmg
  7. I use dead pixels to hurt the switch's reputation!
  8. LowestStone

    LowestStone Well-Known Member

    Then I hand Governor Walker an axe, and tell him the public labor unions are coming, this would most likely enrage him, and he would start swinging the axe at everything around him, including the switch
  9. Wumpus fully healed!
    the Broom prepares to defend the switch!
    It dealt 1 damage to you instead!
    I'm not exactly sure what Right angle's toxicity is

    Dead pixels hammered the swich for 30 damage!
    The broom took the hit for the switch!
    It snapped in two!
    Nintendo Switch 520/1000HP
  10. I throw all my money at the Nintendo switch.
  11. I upload multiple images of Jar Jar onto the switch!
  12. I Shred the money to give the switch paper cuts!
  13. AGrumpyCat

    AGrumpyCat Well-Known Member

    I summon a towel wearing a metal suit of armor wielding a mighty paper towel roll
  14. 1 attack at a time
  15. Yeah, try not to back to back post @Ultra9TMB
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  16. ThomasTaiTai

    ThomasTaiTai Well-Known Member

    you are so clueless.
    right angle means L (loser)
  17. I use the non above's toxicity to hurt the swith
  18. Meh, i don't browse hypixel 24/7 \

    Lol that attack wouldn't even go through as L attacks have already been used before
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  19. Epica

    Epica Well-Known Member

    I grabbed the Nintendo switch and smashed it on the floor and threw it into lava!
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  20. I use Cake thrower! Throwing multiple cake goodness!
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