1. Tl:dr; Enter an attack against the boss, be creative and don't repeat attacks. CITE YOUR SUMMONS/ATTACKS/ITEMS FROM OTHER GAMES! [Attacks from the same game as the boss don't need citations]
    ex: I use coconut gun/ I summon the Beast of Bodmin Moor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beast_of_Bodmin_Moor

    Note: @Revres Can Process attacks on this thread!
    Summon attacks are now allowed! However:
    Overpowered abilities will take a % of HP
    Only 100HP can be summoned per turn, You can summon the same thing as another person to boost the summon's HP

    If you want to have a summon that stays for multiple turns say I summon (x) in bold

    Note: If you use a Summon/Attack/Item outside of the current boss's game, etc make sure to cite it(This saves a LOT of time when it comes to processing the attacks)

    Person 1: I summon The Beast of Bodmin Moore!(Incorrect, I'm forced to open another tab and google the page name, along with greatly slowing down the process of attacks)

    Person 2: I summon the Beast of Bodmin Moore! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beast_of_Bodmin_Moor(Correct, I spend much less time analyzing the attack and this eliminates any confusion in the event of characters with the same/similar names)

    Hello everyone bird here and I have decided to restart the game;
    Kill the godmodder
    @A_Wild_Noob_Appeared would usually run games like this with a wide variety of bosses
    Such as:
    Donald Trump
    Mega rayquaza
    John Cena
    Super man!
    Justin BEIBER!
    And many more (I can't remember the rest <.<)

    *Note the godmodder determine the effects of attacks*
    but he has recently went inactive so... I have decided to restart this game as the school year kicks off!

    -How do I play?-
    Simply post an attack! But make sure the attack is creative!
    No repeating attacks;
    Player 1, I use Bomb!
    Player 2, I use Bomb! It did nothing, the attack was repeated!)
    Player 3 uses fart! it did 3032034042040329402 damage!
    If you die you respawn immediately

    When I get online I'll let the attacks go through!
    Be aware however, the boss can reflect/block the attack and possibly counter attack!
    When the boss goes down I'll select another one
    If you want to play a similar game but with more systems, Try out https://hypixel.net/threads/forum-g...the-boss-current-boss-cringy-cod-kid.1537892/ who was inspired by this spread and put a creative twist with all of the modifiers and systems put into it!

    Letsssss get roighttttt into the newwssssssss

    Killed by @Weekly's frying/drying pan!
    Next boss;
    Paper Mario 0/1000HP
    Ko'ed by @AJDude13's Hype train ultimate attack!
    Hypixel: 0/1000HP
    @99loulou999InCanada killed Hypixel post 2106 page: 106 by: the Hypermegalaserofthedeath
    Birdbrain103 0/1000HP
    Defeated by @Dank_Memez 's Power of people asking to be the boss!

    =(Mystic Trio)=
    Pheonix: Defeated by @KronosKun 's Death star laser!
    Moleman: Defeated by Shovel Knight's Shovel mastery Who was summoned by @GeneralGuy64
    Werewolf: Defeated by wave 666 from Tf2, Which was summoned by @99loulou999InCanada
    =(Mystic Trio)=
    Herobrine: Defeated by Giga-Kirby's fall!
    @pewpewdoge Defeated Herobrine after his summoned Giga-Kirby was thrown into space, and then used stone on herobrine
    =Nintendo Switch=
    @Knight33 and @99loulou999InCanada defeated the switch with a De-Synced joy-con smash and
    D.Va's ultimate!
    =Kim Jong Un=
    @Revres Defeated Kim Jong Un With the force of every fidget dropped on North Korea!
    =Calamity Ganon=
    @TheForumGamer Defeated Calamity Ganon with a dashing void sword blade attack!
    @Zenyatta 's Miracle attack, boosted by @IceDragoon and @99loulou999InCanada defeated the Zombot!
    =Ultra Necrozma=
    Defeated by Diagal's Roar of Time, who was summoned by @RussSonLeYT
    Defeated by @Astatine and @TheFatalConceit 's combination of ocean teleport and self destruct button!
    Defeated by @Astatine use of a stop sign enchanted by @Goodwade!
    =OW Hero=
    Defeated by @99loulou999InCanada 's Delayed Market Gardener!
    Defeated by @P1xelBit summoning the Asgardian Gods and Odin, who crushed Waluigi with the entire Asgardian city!
    Defeated by @ChromaffinityHailfire 's combo attack involving
    a spear, a sledgehammer, toxins, fireballs, lasers, a sword, a rifle, rockets, lightning and a severely cold wind.
    Defeated by @MrEvee7 summoning Hagrid to whack Ganondorf with a club!
    Defeated by @Maomi summong Galeem!
    Defeated by @Eternal_Slumb3r with Regigas's Tectonic Plates Crush!
    Sonic.Exe was take out by @99loulou999InCanada 's Michael Jackson Eeh Eeh stun into @Ferrothorn88 's Dexit Brigade!
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  2. Kirrby

    Kirrby Well-Known Member

    Defiant DEFIANT
    I use a special card on Keemstar!


    Keemstar absorbed it, he took no damage as that's his special move!!
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  3. I decide what the attacks do but that's pretty close

    That attack did nothing! Keemstar gained a 1X victim card!

    Boss; Keemstar
    Items; Victim card (1X) @Chespin1080P
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  4. Kirrby

    Kirrby Well-Known Member

    Defiant DEFIANT
    I use Expose on Keemstar!
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  5. The expose was reduced by his victim card but Keemstar took 20 damage!
    Reinforcements are called!
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  6. Thanks bird for making another one
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  7. DinoDinoDude

    DinoDinoDude Well-Known Member

    I summon Leafy to sue Keemstar
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  8. Np, I'm pretty active so I hope this one doesn't die
    You summoned leafy!
    Leafy; 200/200HP

    Keemstar summons Drama alert nation!

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  9. ----End of turn-------
    Leafy launches a video against Keemstar!
    It's super effective! It did 30DMG to both drama alert nation and Keemstar!

    Keemstar uses the victim card and paralyzed leafy!

    Drama alert nation fires dislikes at leafy!
    It's not very effective! It did 30 damage!

    Leafy; 170/200 HP (Stunned! Could someone unstun him possibly?)
    -----Player side-------
    Keemstar; 250/300
    Drama alert nation ; 370/400

    Could the players do more damage before Keemstar gets out of hand!?
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  10. I use brofist on Leafy to heal !
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  11. Leafy was cured of stun and got a full heal!
    Leafy gave you a high five!
    You get 2X damage on your next attack!
    Leafy fires a machine gun of tweets at Keemstar!

    Keemstar blocked every tweet!
    No damage but leafy is unstunned!
    @manipendet 100/100HP, 2X ATK!
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  12. gggggggghhhhh

    gggggggghhhhh Active Member

    kill leafy. he kild.
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  13. I summon Sauron's eye, he uses WorldBurn !
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  14. If you're gonna team kill a player summon, atleast specify what you use lol
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
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  15. Drama alert nation piles in front of Keemstar and blocks the attack!
    However since this was splash it was super effective against drama alert nation and damaged Keemstar!
    It did 15x2 damage! ---> Keemstar
    150x2 damage -----> Drama alert nation

    Keemstar 220/300HP
    Drama alert nation 100/400HP
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  16. I bite Gnomestar
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  17. I use summon! 5 jaggi with 30 hp appear!
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  18. Done! Keemstar dodges the attack and you bite a garden gnome and took 10 self damage and destroys the gnome!

    This invokes the gnome army and a army of gnomes appear!

    Keemstar; 220/300HP
    Gnome; 50/50Hp
    Gnome; 50/50HP
    Gnome; 50/50HP
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  19. I use pack attack! All the jaggi kill the gnomes, while I do 10 damage to keemstar
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  20. I use 42 on both Gnomes.
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