1. Tmi489

    Tmi489 Well-Known Member

    @10000 Jelly Doughnuts
    Neighborizer's a powerful role, it is a cop (for YOU and others) if used correctly.
    AND it can give private chat, which is very good.
    Yeah, ISkip's 3-Shot Vig is also very powerful, but he/she might not be ready for a killing role (A la Shamen last game).

    I can't see why she would discard a role, thanks Ryast for pointing this up.
    And as Jelly says, from a guide, lists are good ways to seem Townie. Hmm...
    [vote] Jelly [/vote]
  2. No of course not.
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  3. hey

    hey guys

    aren't you forgetting that it still is a rng between 3 of your chosen roles right

    so stop going on the wagon if one person discards a scum or strong town role

    it could simply be a situation of rng
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  4. ?
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  5. I had to go between three different setups and choose a role from each

    thought everyone had to do that?
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  6. DinoDinoDude

    DinoDinoDude Well-Known Member

    I voted creeper.

    In case it isn't clear, [Vote] CreeperBoy [/Vote]
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  7. No, all 6 of my choices were the same.

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  8. Ryast

    Ryast Well-Known Member

    How is it a cop? To my knowledge, you don't learn the alignment of the players you recruit. Sure, it could be used to check out a player in the chat, but certainly not to the level of a cop. And a good player could make you believe they are town.

    Private chat is nice, true.

    About the list thing, yes it's a good way to seem town, but it's also a good way to be town
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  9. ???

    I had 6 different roles, 3 pairs, and one of the two were discarded if that specific pair was chosen.

    Hence why we only see 1 discarded role instead of 5.
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  10. Aidan1600904

    Aidan1600904 Well-Known Member

    Everyone got their role from Setup #1. It was the most balanced of the three setups.


    With 35 alive, it takes 18 to lynch!

    Piano: 1 (The_Machine_5000)
    Taboo: 1 (Totoro_)
    >>> Shamen: 3 (Shamen, DragonKing87, TheEmpireStrafesBack)
    Totoro_: 1 (Taboo)
    LunarZeta: 1 (Creeperboy219)
    ISkippey17: 1 (Ryast)
    10000 Jelly Doughnuts: 1 (WorsePlayerWorseName)
    Creeperboy219: 1 (Dinodinodude)

    Day 1 ends in 46 hours!
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  11. KT_Mafia_Alt

    KT_Mafia_Alt Well-Known Member

    m9 don't even get me started on how suspious you are for discarding VT


    in all seriousness could you give me a reason, I really hate naked votes
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  12. oooooooh
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  13. Uh. I was using sarcasm.
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  14. Because of your antics earlier.
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  15. KT_Mafia_Alt

    KT_Mafia_Alt Well-Known Member

    rip in being unable to record because my little brothers are playing video games right behind me ;/
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  17. KT_Mafia_Alt

    KT_Mafia_Alt Well-Known Member

    I refuse to click on that as the movie was the worst Disney movie I've ever saw
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  18. I'm gonna be perfectly honest, I just went for the role which would probably be more fun. :C
    As selfish as may be. xP

    That's the most entertaining thing about this though. :S
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  19. If so, you need to watch more Disney.

    It was actually good, with the understanding that it has a very specific audience, which is kinda unusual for them.
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  20. oh yeah this is a thing

    Gotta apologize quickly if anybody chose neighbor, considering the alternative wasn't too much better in my opinion. I just don't think it's that good of a role. (Especially since it's not town exclusive)
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