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    Believe it or not, Town of Salem (a pretty fun browser game that's recently spiked in popularity due to some bigger YTers playing it) is based on Mafia. Mafia was originally created as a card game in the mid-1980's, and quickly grew in popularity across the Internet. This is just the latest iteration of this popular forum game.

    However, Town of Salem is a very good resource if you'd like to learn how to play Mafia, due to the fact that both games revolve around similar mechanics.

    Sorry, at least it's not another MW rage thread.


    Welcome to Hypixel Mafia XVII: Star Wars edition! This is the latest round of the immensely popular Hypixel Mafia series of forum games. Before we start the game, I'll need to go over some rules, as well as provide an explanation for what exactly mafia is. All players, both new and returning, should read over the entire thread as there have been some rule additions/changes, plus there's a very specific way everyone needs to sign-up (see the Sign-Up spoiler).

    Please read the spoiler about signing up, just posting /in will not get you a spot.

    I know that it's been out for about 4 months now, but I think it's important to say that there will be spoilers for the Force Awakens in this thread. If, for whatever reason, you haven't seen the movie and want to avoid spoilers, I'd recommend not reading on.

    There will be a maximum of 28 players allowed into the game due to specific balances in the rolelist. Players will be chosen based on the order they sign-up.

    Mafia is a game of lies, tricks, subterfuge, and deception. You get to lie to people, and try and solve the puzzle that is a Mafia game using logic, psychology, and deductive reasoning.

    Dramatic openings aside, mafia is a game detailing the struggle for power between two major factions; the Town and the Mafia. The Town represents the uninformed majority; the bulk of players will be put in this faction, but they won't know who the other members of the Town are at the start of the game. It is the Town's goal to figure out who is a part of the Mafia, and eliminate those players. The Mafia represents an informed minority; though they are a much smaller group, the Mafia has access to a private chat through which they can scheme, and can easily gain the upper hand through strategic planning. It is the Mafia's goal to outnumber the Town.

    There are also several 3rd party roles. 3rd parties, or neutrals, are given separate win conditions that they much achieve. Some neutrals are harmless and have benign win conditions, while others are playing with the intent of killing every other player.

    Will the Town figure out who is a part of the Mafia and eliminate them? Or will the Mafia trick the Town and topple the galaxy into chaos? That's the question that this game will answer.

    At the start of the game, each player will be PM'd their role and faction. Every role has a unique ability that will be outlined in the role PM. From there, Mafia is divided into two repeating cycles; Day and Night. During the Day, every player will have an open discussion in this thread. It is at this point that players try and figure out who they can trust, as well as discern other people's roles. This discussion will eventually lead to a lynch at the end of the day; it is the Town's objective to figure out who is a part of the Mafia and lynch them, while the Mafia aims to mislead the Town and get them to lynch one of their own. At any point during the Day, anyone can vote for someone to be lynched by using the tags [VOTE] *Player Name* [/VOTE]. The Day will end after a period of 48 hours, at which point the player with the most votes is lynched. It is also possible to end day eariler if a specific player receives half of the votes of the surviving players plus one (this will be outlined in day-starting mod posts throughout the game). When a player is lynched, their role is revealed to everyone and they are considered "dead" and no longer in the game.

    During the Night, each player will perform their night actions. As previously stated, each person has a role with special abilities. It is during the night that these abilities can be used. Every player PMs me what they want to do with their ability (whether it be killing, protecting, investigating, role blocking, etc. another player). It is also during this period that the Mafia has access to their private chat that they can use to plan and scheme, but this thread is closed for discussion. This period will end once each player sends me their night action.

    These cycles will repeat until a winner has been determined (typically until only one faction of players remains alive). I will then hand out some awards to recognize the best players and moments of the game, and then this mafia round will come to an end!

    Mafia is a great way to make a lot of new friends on the forums all while having a great time playing (in my opinion) a really fun forum game.

    To make sure that the game goes smoothly and everyone has fun, there are some rules I have put in place. It's important that everyone understands and reads through these, because they will be enforced. Breaking any of these rules will get you first a warning, then a negative in-game modifier, and then a modkill from the game. It's three strikes and you're out.

    -Everyone must remain respectful of each other. Mafia can get heated at times, and you'll likely get into debates and/or get called a liar. However, personal attacks on another player aren't allowed. This has been an issue recently; please try to keep your salt and/or aggressive comments to yourself. If people start throwing insults, I will step in and, if necessary, ban players from future games.

    -Please remember to keep all posts PG-rated. Remember that we are on the HP forums, so there’s a wide variety of age groups that may read through these posts.

    -No one is to discuss this game outside of this thread, or any PMs that I send you. Talking about the game with any IRL friends you might have playing, or on Skype, or on Hypixel, or through a PM that you make, or any other form of communication that I don't know about is considered cheating, and will get you modkilled very quickly. Don't cheat; it annoys everyone else and can potentially ruin the game.

    -If you are using an alt account, you must tell me your normal account in your role PM. I won't tell anyone else who owns the alt, but it's important that I know the owners of all alts to prevent any cheating from occurring.

    -Don't use any secret codes that you might have come up with outside of this thread. This goes hand in hand with the "cheating" rule mentioned above; secret codes that weren't made in this thread (or in a PM that I created) are against the rules.

    -Do not purposely hurt your own faction. This includes killing someone not to help you win the game, but because you want to help a friend or have a personal grudge against a specific person. If I find out you purposely hurt your team, you will be modkilled and potentially banned from future games.

    -Keep posting to a minimum during the night phase. While banter (in small amounts) during the night is okay, game-related information is not. You will know that it's night by the title of the thread. I will give a 15 minute warning before night starts (try not to post after this warning), but posting after night officially begins is grounds for the three-strikes rule to come into play. Please note that you can post in the banter section all you want during the night.

    -Once you are dead, you may only post once until the game ends. Like the above rule, I am enforcing this. If you post after you are dead, you'll receive first a warning and then a ban from the next game. I'll keep an accurate list of living and dead players, as well as sending you a PM when you die, so there's no excuses. Also like the above rule, you can talk in the banter thread all you want; however, sharing game-related information will result in an immediate ban from the next game. Last game had over 600 pages; to be completely honest, I don’t want to read that many pages. Please don’t dead post.

    -You may not quote or take a screenshot of any PMs that I send you. It doesn't matter if it's real or fake, doing this will get you an instant modkill. Please note that you can type out a PM verbatim.

    -In general, don’t abuse any loopholes not directly covered in the rules. If your actions are going to cause problems with other players or potentially ruin the game, you probably shouldn’t be doing them.

    -You may not edit your posts, if at all possible, but this also doesn't give you the liberty to post 4+ times in a row. Try and get all of your thoughts into one post to keep the post count of these threads down. Remember, quality is better than quantity.

    -Banter is allowed, so long as you try and put game-related info in with your banter posts. I won't make an issue about banter unless it's being posted execessively.

    -Role repeats are very possible.

    -There is no message system in this game, sorry.

    -All members of the mafia will be given a fake flavor claim, but not a fake role claim. This was done due to the limited number of characters in the canon Star Wars universe; by giving the mafia valid flavor claims, it makes sure town won't just force everyone to flavor claim early on in the game and lynch those who have overlapping flavors. They have also been given the town win condition to prevent abuse of specific wording in the PM.

    -On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a 6.5 on the bastard rating. Expect to see some unusual and new roles with unique modifiers (but no customs), as well as the introduction of an item system (see below), but I will not ever lie to you nor are there any extremely broken or bastard roles (revivers, goos, etc.).

    -When voting to lynch a player, use the tag [VOTE] *Player Name* [/VOTE]. Any votes not in this format will not be counted. You do not have to unvote a player if you wish to vote for someone else; simply vote for a new person using the above format.

    -Some roles will be given specific commands to input into the day chat. Feel free to use fake tags; just make sure to tag me whenever a day command is used so I can deal with said command.

    -Try your best not to go inactive, as it ruins the game. I understand that IRL stuff happens; just PM me or let me know in this thread if you'll be gone for a long period of time. This game does require reading, so do not sign up if you're not prepared to read quite a few pages on a daily basis. I've found that mafia requires about 45 minutes of your time on a daily basis. Failure to post at all during a day cycle will give you first a warning, then a modkill.

    -There are no rules against roleclaims, but I reserve the right to add said roleclaim rules into the game if people try and break the game through massclaiming.

    -To the people that like to use the MS abbreviations; try and avoid overusing them. Using abbreviations (HoS, AoS, etc.) only confuses the players that don't know the meaning of said abbreviations, and causes miscommunication and annoyance. Please avoid using abbreviations; just say that you're suspicious of someone instead of "HoS Mitochondria."

    -Try your best to use proper English. I understand that English isn't everyone's first language but, considering the fact that this is a game based around communication, it's important that you can be understood.

    -I am not accepting role requests. You'll get what you get, and complaining will get you a guaranteed Neutral Tree Stump (not a fun role).

    -All possible roles can be found here. However, all of these roles won't be used.

    -All forum rules apply here. Not following forum rules will get you modkilled, and I'll get staff involved if necessary.

    -If you ever have any questions, shoot me a PM. I’ll reply back to you as soon as I can, typically within 6-12 hours (please be understanding that I can't always be on the forums).

    To spice up this game, I'll be adding in a new item system. The item system is relatively simple and straightforward; at the end of the second day of the game, I'll randomly choose players via RNG to be given one of seven items. Each item has a specific purpose that the player receiving the item will be told (i.e. 1-shot bulletproof, 1-shot role cop, etc.). Please note that the given examples aren’t necessarily the functions of any of the items. The player may then choose to use the item or not, but either way, the item will be handed off to a random player the following night (unless the item's description saws otherwise). An item can be used along with a night action, but some items may disappear from the game once they have been used/activated.

    The exact functions of each item will not be announced by me in this thread (but the players with the items can feel free to tell/lie to everyone).

    Note that the items are different than they were in the initial SW Mafia thread I posted a few months ago.

    If anyone has any questions regarding the item system, let me know.

    To signup, choose a number between 1 and 28 and post it in the thread. The number you choose will correlate with both your spot on the rolelist and the number that is used to RNG the items tonight. I've posted a list of available numbers below.

    If you get a hype train, it means that you're in the game.

    1. DragonKing87 (Jar-Jar Binks, the Two-Shot Bulletproof Neutral Modified Posting Survivor)
    2. XCVigilance (Chewbacca, the Two-Shot Town CPR Doctor)
    3. Taboo (C-3PO, the Loud Three-Shot Town Hider)
    4. Danger100ish (TR-8R, the One-Shot Bulletproof Flavor Cop and One-Shot Day Vigilante Neutral Executioner)

    1. ryast89 (Rey, the Three-Shot Town Neighborizer): Killed Night 1
    2. PhantomCobalt (Admiral Ackbar, the Maximum Three-Shot Town Desperado): Killed Night 1
    3. Lukeandmatthew (Finn, the Neighborhood Encryptor/Three-Shot Town Neighborizor): Daykilled Day 2
    4. Skullmaster4 (Padme Amidala, the Two-Shot Town Role Cop): Lynched Day 2
    5. ChrisX3 (Owen Lars, the Lover Town Bookie): Killed Night 2
    6. HarrisonAF (Beru Lars, the Lover Odd-Night Town Commuter): Committed suicide Night 2
    7. DangerKing87 (Poe Dameron, the Town Follower): Killed Night 3
    8. SupremeCourt (R2-D2, the Town Inventor): Killed Night 3
    9. Piano (Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Town Bodyguard): Killed Night 3
    10. Dwlee99 (Darth Vader, the Ascetic Mafia Godfather): Killed Night 3
    11. Dom (Kylo Ren, the Six-Shot Mafia Captain): Killed by the Death Star Day 4
    12. Weeaboo (Count Dooku, the Mafia Roleblocker): Killed by the Death Star Day 4
    13. NZ_Slimeables (Wedge Antilles, the Town Roleblocker): Killed by the Death Star Day 4
    14. 10000 Jelly Doughnuts (General Hux, the Mafia Doctor): Lynched Day 4
    15. TheEmpireStrafesBack (Yoda, the Town Double-Voter): Daykilled Day 4
    16. Bayleef0909 (Lando Calrissian, the Town Flavor Cop): Killed Night 4
    17. Serendipity (Darth Maul, the Two-Shot Mafia Day Vigilante): Lynched Day 5
    18. Aidan1600904 (Luke Skywalker, the Town Cop): Daykilled Day 5
    19. Atoriax (Darth Sidious, the One-Shot Mafia Governor/Mafia Goon): Lynched Day 6
    20. Shamen (Han Solo, the Three-Shot Town Vigilante): Lynched Day 7
    21. Creeperboy219 (Qui-Gon Jinn, the Two-Shot Town Sensor): Killed Night 7
    22. WorsePlayerWorseName (Mace Windu, the Two-Shot Town Paranoid Gun Owner): Lynched Day 8
    23. Terrabyte (Leia Organa, the Town Doctor): Killed Night 8
    24. Quicksilver666 (Grand Moff Tarkin, the Nerfed Mafia Role Cop/Mafia Goon): Lynched Day 9

    Final Verdict: No Lynch

    Dom: 1 (Piano)
    DragonKing87: 1 (Terrabyte)
    ryast: 6 (PhantomCobalt, Aidan, HarrisonAF, Dom, Redstoning, 10000 Jelly Doughnuts)
    Tmi: 1 (Danger)
    No Lynch: 8 (NZ_Slimeables, ryast, Lukeandmatthew, weeaboo, ChrisX3, bayleef0909, Quicksilver666, EmpireStrafesBack)

    Final Verdict: Skullmaster4

    Danger: 1 (HarrisonAF)
    DragonKing: 5 (Dwlee, Terrabyte, ChrisX3, Tmi489, Lukeandmatthew)
    Skullmaster: 6 (EmpireStrafesBack, Danger, 10000 Jelly Doughnuts, Remoraid, Skullmaster, Dragon)
    10000 Jelly Doughnuts: 1 (Nz_Slimeables)

    Final Verdict: Dom

    Remoraid: 3 (Quicksilver, Dom, Jelly Doughnuts)
    Dom: 11 (bayleef0909, Remoraid, Terrabyte, Nz_Slimeables, Piano, EmpireStrafesBack (x2), DragonKing, Shamen, Dwlee, XCVigilance)
    No Lynch: 1 (weeaboo)

    Final Verdict: 10000 Jelly Doughnuts

    Nz_Slimeables: 2 (DragonKing, Jelly Doughnuts)
    Tmi: 2 (Serendipity, Quicksilver)
    Jelly: 7 (EmpireStrafesBack (x2), Terrabyte, Bayleef, Nz_Slimeables, Taboo, Aidan)
    Aidan: 1 (KTthecreeper)
    Shamen: 1 (weeaboo)

    Final Verdict: Serendipity

    Serendipity: 6 (Shamen, Taboo, Tmi, Aidan, KTthecreeper, Quicksilver)

    Final Verdict: Atoriax

    Atoriax: 5 (Taboo, Terrabyte, Shamen, CreeperBoy, XCVigilance)

    Final Verdict: Shamen

    Taboo: 1 (Shamen)
    WorsePlayerWorseName: 1 (Creeperboy)
    Shamen: 3 (Terrabyte, Taboo, Tmi)

    Final Verdict: WorsePlayerWorseName

    Tmi: 2 (Taboo, Quicksilver)

    Here are a few guides that can help out any new players (or returning players hoping to get better at the game). I'll update this section as I find more guides.

    My Favorite Guide
    A Fun Demonstration of a Basic Mafia Game
    A List of All Possible Roles

    As always, feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns. Good luck everyone, and may the Force be with you...
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