1. SIgn-ups have ended! If you would like to sign up as a back-up, let me know!

    This is my first time modding so please don't get angry or frustrated with me if I make a mistake or two

    Hello all, and welcome back to the third Hypixel mafia! I know this is a really long post, but PLEASE SKIM ALL OF IT. I will be enforcing every rule within here this time around, so it’s important that everyone knows what’s going on.

    What is mafia?
    To put very simply, Mafia is a game of lying, deception, subterfuge, and trickery. Every player will need to be ready to lie, extort other players, and do whatever is necessary (within the rules!) to stay alive and win the game.
    Mafia is a long-standing game that originated as a card party game. It quickly gained fame across forums, and the browser game Town of Salem is heavily based off of this game. I thought I'd bring this exciting game here to Hypixel.
    To elaborate, the game is divided into two main teams: the town and mafia. Mafia know who each other are and can coordinate their actions privately. The goal of the mafia is to kill the town until they have the majority, while the Town needs to figure out who the Mafia is, and kill them.

    Townies on the other hand don't know anything other than their own role. To compensate, there are many more townies than mafia; usually the ratio is 1 mafia for every 3 townies. In other words, Mafia is a game of an informed minority against an uninformed majority. Can the mafia use its superior organization and knowledge to lead the town astray? Or can the town figure out the mafia and kill them before their numbers advantage runs out? That, my friends, is the question that will be answered over the course of this game.

    Neutrals are people that are outside of the two main groups and usually they each have a specific requirement for winning. Just because they are neutral does not mean they are affiliated with each other. Think of a neutral as an individual third party.

    At the beginning of the game you will be PM’ed your role by me. This PM will have any specifics about your role, and it is here you may ask me any questions about your role. It’s important that you don’t share your role with everyone else though! The game is divided into two repeating cycles: day and night. Day will last for approximately 48 hours and will revolve around deciding a lynch target by means of voting. Each player will discuss their suspicions, and try to decide who they can trust, during this day phase. Every player in the game gets one vote (or two if they have a role effect that allows them to vote twice) and each player must argue and convince the other players to lynch their target. At the end of the day if someone has over half of the players' votes they will be lynched. Certain modifiers change the amount of votes someone needs to be lynched. If, for this reason, their are two candidates for the lynch, whoever has the highest vote count is lynched. When a player is lynched; their alignment and role is revealed and they are kicked from the game (unless they have a role effect that says otherwise). The majority of the action in the game takes place during the day phase.

    Night is 24 hours long and is reserved for private actions. Any player in the game that has an ability (such as mafia kills, detective checks, medic protections, etc.) can use their power in this phase. During this time you may speak, but you may not strategize (unless your alignment has a special chat that says otherwise). Night serves as downtime from the emotionally charged days. After the night ends, a day post comes up with the results of who dies. After the day post, the discussion for lynch begins anew.

    Once there is a winner, everyone can talk freely about the game, and I will be handing out some virtual bragging-rights awards :3

    What are the rules?
    -All players remain respectful to each other. Mafia can get very heated at times, but it is important that players remember that this is a game. Any personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated.

    -Players do not talk about Mafia outside of the Mafia thread. This means no PM’ing each other to make alliances or discuss the game. All posts about Mafia must remain within threads I state are to be used for the game. Players found to be secretly communicating will be immediately banned from the game.

    -If you discuss and strategize about the game too much during the night cycle, you will receive a Warning Token.

    -If you won’t be able to post on a specific day just let me know by sending me a PM. I can make special arrangements for you.

    -You may NOT quote or post pictures of PMs I send you or of any private chats. Doing this will result in a modkill.

    -You may NOT edit any of your posts, even if you make a big mistake. Period. If you have something else to say, put it in a separate post. If you do, you will be given a Warning Token.

    -When voting to lynch a player, use the tag [VOTE] *Player Name* [/VOTE]. Any votes not in this format will not be counted. To unvote a player, use [VOTE] *Player Name* [/UNVOTE]. [VOTE] NoLynch [/VOTE] is to be used when you do not wish to lynch anyone. IF YOU DO NOT VOTE IN A DAY YOU WILL GET A WARNING TOKEN!

    -The last game I played in, I was disappointed by the amount of inactives there were. To enforce I will require that you post once in every day cycle. If you miss a day cycle you will receive one Warning Token.

    -If at any time you have three Warning Tokens, you will either be replaced by the next person on the back-up list, or you will be mod-kill (If no back-ups are left).

    -All forum rules apply here (duh).

    -If you ever have any questions, shoot me a PM. I’ll reply back to you as soon as I can (I do have school and extracurriculars, but expect a response within 16 hours).

    To try and prevent players from signing up and disappearing, I am requiring that any member who wishes to sign up has at least 50 posts on the forums. I think this is a relatively fair number, and prevents players from ditching the game and disappearing.

    This game isn’t like other forum games because players can’t join once the game started! How can you make mafia inclusive to everyone?
    Due to the nature of the game, I cannot bring on more actual players in the middle of game. It would cause way too many issues, and simply can’t be done. If you do not sign up during the sign-up period, you cannot be an actual player in the game. I know that this is different from many other games here on the forums, but the nature of Mafia makes it impossible to bring other people into the game without greatly unbalancing things. I really am sorry about this. However, you can become a back-up player (more on that below).

    I need to drop out in the middle of a game. Can I do this?
    First of all, let me say that I understand life happens. You may join the game, but something suddenly comes up and you can’t play anymore. I completely understand this, and urge you to always put real life before some forum game.
    However, if you know that you’ll be busy within the next three weeks and will be inactive, DO NOT SIGN UP. Modkilling players really does ruin the game, and I want to avoid that if at all possible.
    I would also recommend that new players who have never played mafia before read up on some other mafia games so you can determine if this is the game for you. Below, I have linked the first two Hypixel mafia games, as well as some other games.

    Hypixel Mafia Games:


    Other Mafia Games:


    For returning players, be aware that this game will be much more in-depth and confusing than the first two games, so it’s important you are able to follow what’s going on.

    Back-Ups: What are they?
    This game, I will be adding in a new reserve player feature. Reserves are people who want to play the game still, but miss the sign-up period. As a reserve, you will replace an inactive person. That way, I can avoid modkilling people, and we can get the maximum number of people playing.

    Any Other Questions?
    Just let me know by sending me a PM or posting in this thread! Mafia is complicated, but is very fun and intense once it gets going.

    If you want to read a more detailed explanation of the game, click here: http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Main_Page

    If you want to read a list of possible roles, click here: http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Category:Roles

    I hope that this round will be even better than the last two! Hopefully you all are ready for mind games and convoluted twists (because that's what you'll get if you join)! Sign-ups will be open for a week or so, and I'll close when we get 30 or more sign-ups.

    Player List:
    1) @Spark68
    2) @Natias180
    3) @Aerocync
    4) @freeport_aidan
    5) @Danger100ish
    6) @Mee
    7) @Atoriax
    8) @Ausar
    9) @TheDominator37
    10) @Shadow Hunter
    11) @xXDeathDragonXx
    12) @DragonKing87
    13) @DavidYugiFireMon
    14) @spider7550
    15) @Zerediah
    16) @dwlee99
    17) @CreeperHunter839
    18) @ryguybuddy
    19) @ICM12345
    20) @XCVigilance
    21) @Lagg
    22) @Hexx_
    23) @steelshades
    24) @mvemjsunp8
    25) @valentino0429
    26) @Terrabyte
    27) @bayleef0909
    28) @Maphia_Ace
    29) @Deathdude921
    30) @Dinodinodude

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  2. Spark68

    Spark68 Well-Known Member

    Did you just copy Aero's post? xD And lemme in pls.
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  3. I added quite a bit, but the main structure is his xD
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  4. Aerocync

    Aerocync Well-Known Member

    Please PM the Mitochondria Institute the answer to the given anagram. This will give you your next clue.
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  5. Natias180

    Natias180 Well-Known Member

    Me natias
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  6. Your all in! (Except Aerocync, who is perma-banned from this game because he likes to eat waffle ice cream while watching the Wiggles)
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  7. Mafia Hype!
    And yeah but if I'm losing I'll hope @Zerediah will help me!
    Oh, it's on :/
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  8. Mafia hype!
    (I am a leader among men)
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  9. A look at some possible rewards:
    - TOP TOWN
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  10. Quick question, the nature of double voter would make it easy to see who it is, so would the second vote be private by pm or would the person have to say it
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  11. The disadvantage of the role is that they would have to say it outloud.
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  12. Well that gives me two ideas about that:
    1. That way, you'd be confirmed innocent from beginning
    2. Or you could wait to use 2nd vote tio endgame to surprise the mafia
    Hmmm, it's helpful to know what motives each player may have, don't mind me. I'm just thinking aloud.
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  13. Aerocync

    Aerocync Well-Known Member

    When does the end begin?

    Well, considering the secret is out, I might as well post a selfie of me watching my favorite show
    I'm the one on the left.
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  14. Another question, dudebo: why do you have suicidal O_O
    I'm kinda hoping it's a false hidden effect role that you don't actually become killed but instead get to choose any role you want or something. I dunno, it seems like a role with an unfair disadvantage
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  16. I plead the fifth
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  17. Alright but I've got a few ideas to what it may be. Either a false role effect, or it's a red herring that won't be in the game ;)
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  18. I plead the fifth again
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  19. Just gonna give a few more thoughts about a few roles
    Riddler: Goid luck thinking of riddles O_O
    Bus Driver: Doesn't seem useful to town, and hurts town power roles (but maybe that's the point :O)
    Witness Protected: I dunno what to say about a townie who knows all mafia members names :O
    Questioner: Buffed version of what Oracle was last game?
    Role Switcher: Kind of game breaking if they switch alignments
    Coroner: Not very useful :(
    Mailman: Maybe make it like a telegram, so only a certain number of letters are allowed
    And Mafia seems to have a lot of killing roles O_O
    Also, I just passed the 28th amendment, effectively repealing the fifth and waiving all rights you have ever had. Confess to everything!
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  20. I'm grilling you the same way I would do to Mafia btw
    Aerocync didn.'to mind, besides the perma modkill everybody
    Muahaha give me role list and names before we lynch you! [VOTE]dudebo99[/VOTE]
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