1. Hello! This game is based on @knight14610 and @birdbrain103 's games. It is simple. You fight a boss. You kill a boss. You celebrate. Woo-hoo, everyone wins!:D

    New Features!
    This game is different. It has one new feature(ignore that extra s in the heading)! Introducing... Life Paks! Life Paks are different collections of items! There are four sets currently: Farm, Food, Home, and Explorer. You can get random items from the Farm, Food, and Home sets by digging around. However, it will take two whole turns and you'll be vulnerable to attack! You can also get these items from killing bosses. The Explorer Life Pak's items can only be obtained from killing bosses. If you get all the items in the Farm, Food, and Home Life Paks, you'll get a buff! Each item from the Explorer Life Pak gives their own buffs. If you have the whole Explorer Life Pak, you'll get a HUGE buff!

    Ignore the second sentence in that last paragraph! There is more! Events will happen randomly. They can give allies or enemies, or something else! You'll have to go on Expeditions to get allies, long actions that take 3-5 turns. However, you could find danger along the way. If so, a seperate mini-boss battle will start for those on the expedition! More can join the mini-battle by joining the expedition. If a player dies while on an expedition, another player will have to travel how far they traveled before they died to revive them. So if a player died on the 4th turn of an expedition, that is how long a player would travel to revive them.

    No TL;DR because everything there is important, sorry:D

    • Hoe
    • Farmer Wear
    • Seeds
    BUFF: Beetroot Seeds: Extra 10% damage from attacks

    • Cooked Pork
    • Roast Chicken
    • Cookie
    • Bread
    BUFF: Beetroot Soup: Healing items 50% more effective
    • Carpet
    • Crafting Table
    • Bed
    • Chest
    BUFF: Brick Wall: Extra 10% defense from attacks
    • Map: 15% higher chance of Digging being successful
    • Compass: 20% quicker Expeditions
    • Shovel: Digging 50% quicker
    BUFF: The Beacon: 25% extra damage, defense, healing, and Digging success

    Enjoy the battle, I know some will:)
  2. A boss has appeared!

    Giant Minion: 1000 HP
  3. I charge an ultimate Dual Sword Slash attack.
  4. Toss a giant banana into the distance so the Minion will be distracted and go after it.
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  5. You start charging your Dual Sword Slash Attack!

    The Minion runs after the banana, and catches it! He eats the whole thing! He has food coma, he is vulnerable to next turn's attacks!

    Giant Minion: 1000/1000 HP, Vulnerable(1 turn)

    Knight: 6/6 HP
    Astatine: 6/6 HP
  6. Still charging
  7. Shoot a shrink ray at the minion until it’s not really worth fighting anymore.
  8. The shrink ray shrinks the minion to 99.99% its size. Well done sir.

    Giant Minion: 1000/1000 HP

    Knight: 6/6 HP(Charging Dual Sword Slash, 2 turns)
    Astatine: 6/6 HP
  9. Im gonna keep charging because the Minion, at it's current size, poses no threat to my existence.
  10. I slice
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  11. k

    You slice the Minion, though it is only a paper cut to him. It deals 1 HP damage. The Minion is Angry now!

    The Minion blasts everyone with a giant Fart Gun! Everyone is dazed by the stench(attacks might not work)!

    Giant Minion: 999/1000 HP, Angry(1 turn)

    Knight: 6/6 HP(Dazed, 2 turns)(Charging Dual Sword Slash, 3 turns)
    Astatine: 6/6 HP(Dazed, 2 turns)
    Java: 6/6 HP(Dazed, 2 turns)
  12. Still charging, don't want to waste it.

    Someone protect me from da Minion just in case
  13. Invert the status so the Minion is now only 0.01% of it’s original size.
  14. The attack didn't work because you were dazed.

    The Giant Minion throws a barrage of bananas at JavaBrine, hurting them for 1 HP!

    Knight: 6/6 HP(Dazed, 1 turn)(Charging Dual Sword Slash, 4 turns)
    Astatine: 6/6 HP(Dazed, 1 turn)
    Java: 5/6 HP(Dazed, 1 turn)
  15. Charge again.
    Someone protect pls
  16. ill protect knight
  17. Smite the minion.
  18. k

    You smite the Giant Minion, dealing 25 damage! The Minion is also Dazed for the next turn.

    Giant Minion: 974/1000 HP, Dazed(1 turn)

    Knight: 6/6 HP(Charging Dual Sword Slash, 5 turns)
    Astatine: 6/6 HP
    Java: 5/6 HP

  19. Now I’m going this.
  20. Fireball. 'nuff said

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