1. lol I saved this page so when the mod comes out I can get it fast XD
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  2. I tried using it, but the GUI doesn't open. I've bound it to many different keys, but it all ends the same way. A small youtuber known as Juger released it in his mods folder, but its an earlier version, 0.
    2.1 i believe. I tried that, but it just stopped all my other mods from working and I had to re-install forge.
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  3. Are you joining specifically mc.hypixel.net?
  4. Yes.
  5. Yo @bugfroggy, you could use the UHC, Classics, MW, Warlords and, all other unsupported games as their image and when you click it, it warps you to the lobby
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  6. Interesting....
  7. Not in this version.
    Can you please do /qpdebug and then send me the output in a PM or on this thread?
    Possibly. I was considering that, but I feel as if that could lead to some confusion. If I change that it'll be in a future version.
    Did you check this post?:
    If so then please do /qpdebug and send me the output in a PM or on this thread.
  8. Omg thx alot <3 it worked
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  9. I had it hypixel.net
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  10. Also, you are missing the 2v2 command for Smash Herno.
  11. I couldn't find a command for 2v2. Please let me know if you have one, or if you ever receive a chat message to join one by clicking (I am able to get the command out of the chat message).
  12. /play super_smash_2v2_normal
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  13. Thanks! Added in 1.0.
  14. I will be using this mod! GOOD JOB !
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  15. Great Mod keep working on it :p

    (maybe separate mod idea make it so that it has an option for the store of that gamemode would definitely be cool but not sure if able to because you cant open that gui with a command i don't think)
  16. Plzz help when I try to push the bottom r or if I change it it dosent come up. PLzz help
  17. Please read this:
  18. v1.0 Changelog
    • Added custom GUI colors
    • Added favorite gamemodes
    • Added 1.11 and 1.11.2 support
    • Improved main GUI
    • Made Hypixel IP check less strict
    • Added /qpcolor command
    • Added /qplimbo command
    • Added /qpdestroyconfig command
    • Something else I'm probably forgetting
    Downloads in the original post! Keep in mind versions have changed, so 1.9 and 1.8.9 no longer use the same .jar file. Make sure you download the right file. New screenshots and video are also posted showing off the features.

    A little bit of information about things added in the update:
    Please be sure to report any bugs you find to me!
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  19. Ka3ashka

    Ka3ashka Well-Known Member

    Cat SWSINE
    best mod :eek:
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  20. ohhhhh proxy.hypixel.net function tyy dudeeee <3 Bugfroggy
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