1. I've started a PM with you.
  2. GUI is not Opening
  3. I'll start a PM with you.
  4. There seems to be quite a bit of complaints about the GUI not opening. Many of these issues are being caused by the user connecting to the incorrect IP. I am currently working on QuickPlay v1.0 and this should be (for the most part) fixed in this version (along with many other cool features!). For now, please make sure the IP you're connecting to follows the following criteria:
    • No ports ( :25565)
    • Subdomain required (the "mc" in mc.hypixel.net)
    • All lowercase
    In version 1.0, this will be resolved. Some IPs that should work in v0.3:
    • mc.hypixel.net
    • proxy.hypixel.net
    • whateveryouwanthere.hypixel.net
    If you believe the IP you are connecting to matches this criteria, or if you are unsure, please make a post on this thread asking for further help. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  5. Nice mod!!
    Using it!
    No bugs at all!!!!
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  6. The gui wont open for me can you help me out?
  7. Lol, he said that above. Are you sure your using mc.hypixel.net? It has to be exactly like that. He will update it soon so you can use any ip you want.
  8. Hi, sorry about that. Have you tried fixing it by doing what I mentioned here?:
  9. When will version 1.0 come out? I'm excited!
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  10. Soon. I have a couple more things I gotta do. When it is released, you should notice the "Mods" button on your main menu flashing. Some features include:
    • Favorite gamemodes
    • Completely customizable colors (including rainbow)
    • Better GUI
    • More games
    Here's a little preview:
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  11. Thanks! But, will their be an option to go to the limbo lobby?
  12. Yes, click the Main Lobby button and then there's a button that says "Limbo."
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  13. Thanks! Now I can be in limbo when ever I want!
    Because I'm an introvert! XD
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  14. Also, will it send you to the first lobby? For example, you join the bed wars lobby and it sends you to bed wars lobby 1?
  15. I installed the mod then set the button to B then when i pressed it the gui wont show up
  16. It might be that one of the controls are already b. Use the R key if any other key won't work.
  17. The R key?
  18. I did that too and it still wouldnt work
  19. does it matter on which forge version?
  20. I think it's your ip with hypixel. It has to be mc.hypixel.net exactly like that. When he updates it, you can use any Ip for hypixel you want. Also, his mod only works on the hypixel server. You can't use it on any other servers.

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