1. I have one problem with this mod : Bad UI.
    -Icons are too big
    -Only 1-way navigation, could be fixed with an back button or sidebar.
    -After selecting the game, there's no name, just an icon, this could be fixed by placing the icon in the Top Left position with the text on the right side of it.
    -No category on the games, for example, SkyWars should have "Normal" "Insane" and "Laboratory, with Ranked and Mega being full sized buttons, but this doesn't exist here, this makes the UI look very poor in details.
    -Version info is at the top right, the correct position would be at the bottom right with white text to not call the player's attention too much.
    -The abscence of proper menus, Arcade only links to Mini Walls and Football, and about ⅓ of them only link to their respective lobby (Classic, Cops and Crims, Mega Walls, UHC Champions, Warlords).
    -In Prototype, Murder Mystery is half a slot, that makes the list incomplete with games blending in the same row.
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  2. Thanks for your feedback!
    Could you provide a screenshot of your game while it's sized at the normal size you play with? That'll give me an idea of how big "too big" means for you. Keep in mind they are scaled according to your game settings and window size.
    These are all features in version 1.0, which I've been working on (besides the version info being in the bottom right, as it fits best in top right without overlapping. Could still try to move it down to the bottom, though).
    That's an issue with the server. I cannot put buttons to join games that do not have a /play command. I figured there is no harm in including the buttons for lobbies for those that do not have commands, although I certainly could remove them.
    Could you elaborate what you mean by this?
    Note that in 1.0 the Prototype games are reordered as well to make more sense.

  3. [​IMG]
    This is 768p (1366x768) on Normal size, the icons are waaaay too big, it would be much better if they were smaller and a little bit less intrusive, like 8 icons on the top and 8 on the bottom.

    This is what I mean, Murder Mystery should be equally sized like the "Go To Lobby" button, that would make it more pleasant to the eye.
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  4. Thanks!
  5. SirPie

    SirPie Well-Known Member

    This changes everything...
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  6. SirPie

    SirPie Well-Known Member

    Could you add a way to quickly go to the main lobby?
  7. I'll put that on my todo list for the next version.
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  8. SirPie

    SirPie Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Also, could you add something like a list of lobbies that you can join in a game lobby? For example, you want to go to bewares lobby 1. You click on Bed Wars, then you click on a button titled LOBBIES. When you click it, you get all the available lobbies you can join in the Bed Wars Lobby!
  9. Hmm, that could be useful in some cases but I feel like most of the time it'd be just an extra step that most people wouldn't need. Maybe instead it could just send you to lobby 1 by default or something?
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  10. SirPie

    SirPie Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that would be good! I would like that because Youtubers and Staff are usually on lobby 1. Just make it so if lobby 1 is full it would send you to lobby 2 etc.
  11. SRD


    SRD New Member

    ok, u should add a "back" button
  12. Waiting for UHC support :)
  13. That is already implemented in the next version. Releasing soon :)
    Hopefully I'll be able to implement it next time they update UHC! :D
  14. SirPie

    SirPie Well-Known Member

    Could you fix a problem with the prototype lobby's menu? The text for zombies are too long for the buttons and it goes over other buttons for games. I would take a screenshot, but every time I press fn the game menu closes.
  15. SirPie

    SirPie Well-Known Member

    Could you add a button for limbo?
  16. On smaller screens that does happen. I have struggled to come up with a good solution but I'll do my best :)
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  17. SirPie

    SirPie Well-Known Member

    Are you going to request that this mod will be allowed on the Hypixel rules?
  18. Kindliness

    Kindliness Member

    Gui Wont open
  19. No, there is no process for requesting allowed modifications.
    I'll open a PM with you.
  20. bacca9999

    bacca9999 New Member

    Gui wont open i have 34 mods instalied and idk which one is doing it

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