1. 1.8.9 and version is 0.2.2
  2. In the main menu of Minecraft, click "Mods" and then look for "QuickPlay" in the list of mods. The version is right below the name.
  3. same version as you.
  4. TNT Tag is not working
  5. What IP are you connecting to?
    Will fix that!
  6. As in IP address? I mean I live in NYC....
  7. Looks awesome Buggy :eek:
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  8. No, like are you connecting to "mc.hypixel.net", or "proxy.hypixel.net", one of the numerical IPs, etc.
  9. mc.hypixel.net
  10. I'll open a PM with you to diagnose this further and not spam this thread too much :)
  11. v0.3 Changelog
    • added /qpdebug command
    • Added a lang file (located in the .jar)
    • Added version to the credit text on GUI screens
    • Fixed TNT Tag /play command
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    There's a bug (not sure if it can be fixed) that makes me lose my desired keybind. This is basically what happens.

    I set my keybind to open the menu to 'G' when playing on Minecraft 1.8.9 Forge with the QuickPlay.
    Then I go to launch Minecraft in with a 1.12.1-Optifine profile (without the QuickPlay)
    When I go back to 1.8.9 Forge, my custom keybind is reset to the default 'R'.
  13. I'll look into testing that and fixing it. I will PM you if I need more information. Thanks!
  14. SRD


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  15. #56
  16. GUI wont open for me
    minecraft version 1.8.9
    QP version 0.3
  17. Really good mod! I am installing it.
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  18. I'll start a PM with you.
  19. Lit mod @Ishiku check this out!

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