1. Update 0.16
    Download - Changelog

    Sound object
    custom sounds can now be played without loading them into a resource pack first.

    var mySound = new Sound({
        source: "location/mySoundFile.ogg",
        stream: true,
        volume: 10
    register("worldLoad", function() {
    See the javadocs for more options [docs]

    We are experimenting with this way to instance new objects. This will probably be the way to set up things like displays, GUIs, and other objects in the future.

    Item additions
    We have added some new ways to control the way that items are shown and read from.

    register("itemTooltip", function(lore, item) {
        if (item == Player.getHeldItem()) {
             lore.add("main hand");
             lore.add(1, "example");
    [register docs]
    [item docs]

    Message addition
    Messages can now be constructed using the ClientChatRecieved event that is passed through a trigger. This is super useful for getting different clickable parts of a message and what they do.

    register("chat", function(event) {
        var myMessage = new Message(event)
        for (var i = 0; i < myMessage.getMessageParts(); i++) {
    [message docs]

    • Fixed importing a module that requires another module loading in the wrong order
    • Added a chunk wrapper [chunk docs] [World.getChunk(x,y,z)]
    • Added a way to return the minecraft entity from the Entity wrapper [Entity.getEntity()]
    • Added an installed module list to the crash report for easier debugging
    • Fixed some bugs with PlayerMP and added an Entity.getUUID()
    • Added "ignored" flag to module metadata to ignore specific files from loading
    • Fixed memory leaks when running /ct load
    • Fixed module metadata crashing if created incorrectly
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  2. XWyserZ

    XWyserZ New Member


    I really really want to do it but I do not understand how If there is a video to explain to me plz give me the link
  3. What do you mean? If you simply want to use the mod and not create modules, install the mod, then use the command found on each module page on this site https://chattriggers.com/modules. To create modules, I encourage you to join our Discord, as well as using the resources linked to on our main page: https://chattriggers.com/
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  4. what do you mean "what do you mean"?
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  5. what do you mean "what do you mean "what do you mean"?"?
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  6. Hello sir, yes, but can i please be informed as to when this next version will be released as i would like to create some code with scripttriggers
  7. How do i use this mod on a mac?
  8. It is a forge mod. install forge, then drag the jar into your mods folder. It is like any other forge mod
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  9. Ik i have lots of mods and i tried making my custom Tag and it no work
  10. Can you send me a link of the mod in discord??/
  11. Semi-important update!
    We are testing out a 1.12.2 version of ChatTriggers as we prepare for a backend update to make it super easy to have multi-version support. The download link is over on the website: https://www.chattriggers.com/#download

    For more info about the update or to report bugs specific to the 1.12.2 version, head over to the discord: [​IMG]

    I should be posting updates on here more often to bump the thread so more people can see it but I'm extra lazy so this will have to do. If anyone wants to see more updates, they are all documented on the releases page on github: https://github.com/ChatTriggers/ct.js/releases
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  12. download chattriggers
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  13. Hjeb

    Hjeb New Member

    Please help
    i cant get the chattriggers

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