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    ChatTriggers is a framework for Minecraft that allows for live scripting and client modification using JavaScript. We provide libraries, wrappers, objects and more to make your life as a modder as easy as possible. Even without the proper wrapper, you can still use exposed Minecraft methods and variables but you will need knowledge of FML mappings. The entire ChatTriggers engine is built on Nashorn using Java 8 so you have access to any Nashorn methods and functions and up to ES5 support.

    The basic premise of ChatTriggers is that everything is based around Triggers. From a modding standpoint, Triggers can be thought of as event listeners. These can range from a chat Trigger that runs on a specific chat event matching criteria to a render overlay Trigger that runs when the crosshair is being rendered. We are constantly adding more Triggers and Trigger types as the mod evolves for more integration with Minecraft.
    register("chat", function(name, message, event) {
      ChatLib.chat(name + ": " + message);
    }).setCriteria("<${name}> ${message}");
    register("renderCrosshair", function(event) {
       Renderer.screen.getWidth() / 2 - 1,
       Renderer.screen.getHeight() / 2 - 1,
       2, 2
    You can learn the basics of scripting with ChatTriggers from the Slate tutorial and once you get the basics, check out the JavaDocs for a more in depth look at all of the available methods.

    If you aren't a programmer, do not fret, ChatTriggers might still be for you. We have a community hub for people to upload modules to. These are like mods for this mod. ChatTriggers does nothing by itself but with these modules, it can be one of the most flexible and powerful mods.

    Here are just some examples of modules:

    Although functionally ChatTriggers is a lot like old ChatTriggers, the entire mod was re-written from the ground up to be easier to update and support many more features and using a real programming language is a cherry on top. Old ChatTriggers has been disabled and will no longer work. Because this is a new mod, just the same name, we are posting a new thread.

    ChatTriggers is still in beta and receives a lot of updates. Sometimes multiple per week. If you are not the type of person to listen to in game update messages and update your mods, this might not be the mod for you.

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  2. Great mod! wowzers
  3. excuse me big mr kerby bit can you help me with the yt rank mod thank!
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  4. CoderPixels

    CoderPixels Active Member

    This is great!
  5. The website is currently experiencing some issues. I am attempting to fix ASAP

    EDIT: website is down for now. Use the releases page to download. Modules will be down as well until this is sorted out

    EDIT EDIT: website is fine now :)
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  6. great mod
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  7. Can it be added to Hyperium?
  8. there is no way the code can physically ever be added to hyperium it is impossible and cant ever occur sorry to disappoint but no this cant happen i cant do it no sir-ee this is just not possible i know its a shame but it is just not achievable i know its disheartening but it cant be done its just simply infeasible to be accomplished sorry if anyone misled you
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  9. M0N3Y

    M0N3Y Well-Known Member

    Slate SLATE
    Used this a while ago, may start using it again :3
  10. Ok...
  11. It is a lot more powerful now that its javascript :)

    He is joking. It is theoretically possibly but would take a lot of work. It is not feasible until we have a version 1.0
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  12. Ok
  13. Joey_Claire

    Joey_Claire Well-Known Member

    How to youtube rank?
  14. you dont
  15. Let me get this straight.

    This is basically a shortcut for making auto messaging mods, such as auto gg? Or is it something else?
  16. It can be that but it can also be more. It's not limited to only chat, that's just how the project started. I thought it would be cool to play sounds off of a chat event using custom filters and it just evolved from there.

    If someone knows how to create a mod (like a forge mod), it is probably more efficient to build a stand alone mod especially for something more complicated. But for simple setup and quick development and deployment, ChatTriggers is perfect.
  17. How do you think I would go about creating a 3-D game based around the placing and breaking of blocks with certain items and tools, along with fighting creatures of the night with other specialized weapons, such as a bow or arrow. as well as even the luxurious pass-times of fishing or farming if given the chance. I have no idea how to create this game in CT and would like some insight from the most knowledgeable man as to how I can continue this dream of mine.
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  18. mr kerbi bite i need help with the you tube ra nk mod-ule for chat trigger dot java script it does not work please help me i need att ention to feel god about my own self so i need you tube renk to feel specyal plz help mah :(((
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  19. step 1) open mineman
    step 2) do some code
    step 3) save
    step 4) load
    step 4) ???
    step 5) profit
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