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    Autotip 3.0
    - Fixed all stats tracking issues
    - Fixed issue where other Autotip users wouldn't get tipped
    - Fixed issue where the mod would try to tip offline players
    - Fixed all tipping network issues
    - Fixed the way stats are stored and loaded
    - Added date lookup: /autotip stats d/m/yyyy
    - Added date range lookup: /autotip stats d/m/yyyy-d/m/yyyy
    - Added Minecraft Forge 1.12, 1.12.1 and 1.12.2 support

    Download now at autotip.pro.
    GitHub | Source of Latest Version

    Links are currently broken because this is a brand-new account, go here to download:


    Feature overview
    Coming soon. For now, head on over to autotip.pro and scroll down.
    TL;DR: Automatic tipping. Free coins and experience. Stats tracking for tips.

    Frequently asked questions
    Q: Why should I use Autotip if I have MVP++?
    A: Autotip tips other Autotip users in games that don't have a network booster active. Nowadays, it's not uncommon that during weekdays there are no active boosters. Using Autotip will maximize your coin and experience gain. On top of that, Autotip also tracks the coins and experience you earn from sending and receiving tips.

    Q: What are the differences between Autotip 2.0.3 and Autotip 3.0?
    A: Autotip 2.0.3 had a lot of complex server-side bugs that could only be fixed by completely rewriting the API. We had to turn off the tipping network for Autotip 2.0.3, so currently it only runs '/tip all'. This has been fixed in this release.

    Q: Autotip fails during login with the message: Error during login: {}
    A: This error is caused by the Foundation Guild mod. See known bugs for more info.

    Known bugs
    - The Foundation Guild mod does not work alongside Autotip due to networking conflicts. I will release an updated version of the Foundation Guild mod in December to fix this issue.
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  2. Semx11

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    The Foundation F
    Download here
    (Links in above post are broken because it's a brand new account.)



    For this update, I rewrote and reworked almost every single aspect of the mod. The server-side component of Autotip, otherwise known as the tipping network, has also gotten a complete overhaul, with the help of 2Pi.

    I've worked on this update for more than a year now, and I was finally able to finish it. The very exciting news is that Autotip 3.0 is planned to be included in the Badlion Client, hopefully before the end of this year if everything goes as planned.

    If you have any questions or experience any problems, feel free to leave a reply to this thread, send me a PM on the forums, or DM me on Twitter. I don't check the forums often, because I stopped playing Minecraft a long time ago.

    I hope you enjoy this final release of Autotip!

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  3. Yes!!!
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    Thank you Semx11, very cool!
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  5. Nicuu
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    The Foundation F
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  7. Nice!
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    IfOnly I
    I’m gonna use this
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  9. owo
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  10. Ok, this is epic :cool::cool:
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  11. now this is an epic gamer moment
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  12. AlienSiber

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    in 28 days imma download it due to the fact mvp++ has this feature :p
    Maybe hypixel can implement the mod in server side idk how hard it would be im just saying it could be possible.
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  14. Yes but this though :p
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  15. Time to go away for a week and leave mc on
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  16. nice !
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  17. Awesome job!

    Really cool :)
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  18. good job sem
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  19. ty, very cool
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    Big hype!
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