1. For people that might have the same problem: I have figured out what the problem was (Labymod and AutoTip incompatibility) and have already contacted the Labymod Devs. Hopefully Semx11 and the Labymod Dev Team figure this out quickly.
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  2. Hey LabyMod users. I found a partial-solution to using AT with LabyMod.
    The temp-fix? Use Autotip 1.4.1.


    Hope this helps anyone out as I really enjoy using LabyMod but autotip just doesn't work with it.
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  3. Sk1er

    Sk1er Well-Known Member

    The Foundation HAX
    I dont think 1.4 works anymore... Also this should be getting worked on soon
  4. It does. Just the /autotip stats and info don't work properly. Works just fine for tipping though.
    Using it with LabyMod and works just fine.

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