1. You realize you can't use any 1.13 block or features on hypixel right?
    You literally lose the ability to use certain features by using 1.13..
    Like, Blockhitting or Most mods..

    There's a reason people use 1.8.9, Cause it's the version the server is using, You gain more by using the same version..
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  2. We all play the way we like, as for me, I've gotten used to the mouse sensitivity of 1.13. I hate the mouse sensitivity before that, and I just can't get used to it again.
  3. I agree we all play the way we want, But your reasons were extremely backwards..
    You don't play on an older version so you don't miss out on new features, but when playing on Hypixel you'll actually miss out..
    Also, Minecraft sensitivity has not changed, 1.8.9 and 1.9+ all 'calculate' sensitivity the exact same, I constantly switch between my 1.8.9 and 1.13 profiles with no change in sensitivity what so ever, It would be wiser just to state 1.13 as your preference instead of giving reasons, Most of the time when people do this their reasons are more likely to be proven incorrect.
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  4. I'm not here to argue, and this is becoming irrelevant. I was trying to be nice.

    1.13 mouse sensitivity has changed:
    1.13 updated to LWJGL 3, which uses a different way of getting mouse input. Different behavior is to be expected; just change the sensitivity value in controls if you feel the need.

    Here's some other reasons I choose to use 1.13.2 over the older versions:
    - Able to have increased potion effects. (Very good with speed potions as you don't lose any time for standing still. Regen pots don't work because Hypixel has an anti-regen blocker from long ago.)
    - Able to take fire damage slower. (Very good if you're low on health and want to "out-regen" the fire ticks. The second-most useful one.)
    - Able to control when you want to go through nether portal. (I don't know if this is a pro/con, but it seems to be a pro since you can manipulate the time it takes to get through whenever you want.)
    - Able to drown slower.

    - Consumables are slower. (Best counter to this is to move your mouse/player a little as you're consuming an item.)

    Not many players know about this, so they don't know how to avoid it.

    Again, using 1.13.2 is my own personal choice as previously stated, my choice is not yours, your choice is your own. We play how we want, the reasons behind it are completely irrelevant. Please do not jump down my throat again.
  5. None of these "pros" actually work on Hypixel. Potion effect duration is calculated server-side along with fire damage and drowning which nullifies any possible benefits that this could have on Hypixel. Very few games have a nether portal (only speed uhc?) and I don't see that as a benefit as you just walk in the nether portal when you want to enter.

    There are way more cons than what you listed.
    - Less support for mods
    - Smaller hitboxes
    - Inability to blockhit

    Just to name a few. There are countless others.
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  6. Well, I tried 1.8.9 today, but nope, I can't deal with the way mouse sensitivity works. Back to 1.13.2 I go. Anyways, this is off-topic.
  7. Semx11

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    The Foundation F
    There's no stable Forge 1.13.2 release yet, and I haven't looked into what has changed. Once 1.13.2 gets a stable release, or perhaps 1.14, I'll look into adding support for it.
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  8. You see? Someone who actually deserves some respect. ;)
  9. my autotip keeps saying it failed to verify my session
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  10. Same
  11. How do i disable whenever i type "at" in chat it will not send the message but open up the autotip menu ?
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  12. My autotip (3.0) is completely dysfunctional because it doesnt detect im on hypixel even though i am and therefore doesnt tip/receive tips. Any idea on how to fix it?
  13. what ip are you using?
  14. Do you mean my IP adress? I live in Germany and im not using a vpn or proxy.
  15. they mean the IP to join hypixel
  16. hypixel.net or mc.hypixel.net. doesnt work on both
  17. are you downloading it from this thread or from a modpack or something? if you try the command /autotip toggle does anything happen?
  18. I downloaded it from Autotip.pro and /autotip toggle does work (it says Autotip toggled on/off). When I type /autotip wave it says im not on hypixel which is how i found out what the problem is. This message also cant be a bug because if I look up my Autotip stats it says I have earned 0 xp and 0 coins. (Autotip has been toggled on all the time)
  19. can you a picture of your mods folder?
  20. .

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