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  2. Ali4n5

    Ali4n5 New Member

    Okay thanks it's working now.
  3. Airidassim

    Airidassim New Member

    I would love that you could post patch notes
  4. Great!
    I used to have them but I removed them, if you want to see them for now go to the github releases page: https://github.com/biscuut/SkyblockAddons/releases and you can scroll through and see changes.
  5. Can you make a copy of it in 1.12.2 please please please please please please
  6. EpicPug_YT

    EpicPug_YT New Member

    hey I don't know how to apply mods can somone help me?
  7. i will be porting it to other versions in the future
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  9. Very useful mod I have been looking for a mod that shows you the enchants without hovering over the XP bottles since skyblock was released.

    You know when you kill a mob, your health + defense disappear and get replaced with +x coins and +x XP. So I was thinking that you could make it so that your health doesn't disappear when you get a kill, and the XP + coins can show up above/below the health.
  10. Thanks!
    Also I was thinking of something like that, i'll add it to my list.
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  11. so the enchanting feature where you can see the enchants without having to move it around doesn't seem to work for me.
    could you send a screenshot of how it is supposed to look? thanks
  12. [​IMG]
    Its possible that one of the modifications didn't load correctly, could you send me your minecraft logs (if you want to keep them personal, send me it in a conversation or on discord).
  13. Our hero!
  14. Drezor

    Drezor Active Member

    The bones aren't disappearing for me
  15. I am a stupid man and don't know how mods work on multiplayer servers
    Are you sure it's not bannable? This mod does way more than I thought was allowed to be on a server
  16. lit
  17. <3
    could you pm me your latest.log?
    most of it is harmless client side enhancements, i'm pretty positive its allowed
  18. Drezor

    Drezor Active Member

    where should I dm you them
  19. DislikedAsp636

    DislikedAsp636 Active Member

    Not sure if it's me, but I get sucked near almost anything. I can't move away from the blocks directly (i.e, must move to the side, not forward) with this mod.. I would like a option to disable this if this is planned, but if it is not, I would like it if it was removed ASAP Not saying it's not a good mod, but just something odd.
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  20. conversation on forums or on discord
    my mod doesnt have a feature like this, are you sure its my mod? if so, could you send me a video? (and logs)

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