Did this mod help you getting rid of toxicity?

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  1. Thx derp nerd
  2. It isn't working for me?
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  3. Might want to add some way to create custom filter words, since some people might use words not listed.
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  4. Great mod! Follows the exact message that I was trying to achieve with my "AutoHeart" mod, justa much better way.
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  5. I'll add that in the next update, hopefully.
    I have just taken a look at your mod, and honestly this is such a cool idea, I have seen a couple of people say those at the end of games, and I'm pretty sure no one had such an idea haha
  6. Try v1.1, I have tested it myself and it should work fine now
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  8. ok I'll update the post thanks my dude
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  9. True, I thought the one who intended to open it was already aware of that :p
  10. 53P


    53P Member

    *my life is completed*
  11. Glad you liked it :)
  12. People like me need stuff like this, I get muted so much it's insane.

    Cool mod!
  13. Was thinking about the mod... @Reflxction

    Could you make the wordslist editable with commands?
  14. I haven't download it yet, so I'm going to bookmark this page. I'm just wondering if we are able to edit anything so we say something, but we don't see it as a swear, it'll say it. E.g: damit, holy damn anything that isn't too bad, maybe even things like crap or bloody. But higher up things like sh*t f-bombs, and higher or worse, if you know what I mean,
  15. Buffin10

    Buffin10 New Member

  16. Thanks for the idea, frankly I kinda abandoned the project but considering that people still use this I'll continue it. Hope to get this achieved by the end of this week :p
    Thanks :D
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  17. ChicksPlayz

    ChicksPlayz Active Member

  18. Might get this because ive been muted twice now.
  19. As long as there's an action taken by you then you will successfully manage to get rid of that negative behavior :)

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