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  1. Hello, my nerds.

    I have been in the Hypixel community for about 2 years, and one of the most common things between players, whether ranked ones, professional ones, or even bad ones, was that they just cannot hold their anger anymore, start throwing F bombs, swearing each other and eventually banging their heads to the walls because of all the negative energy they now have.

    I don't blame you, really, Hypixel's games and players can professionally trigger our anger, by losing in games and by dying. I also have that anger problem, I hate it but I can't help it.

    I have made this simple mod, it hasn't taken me more than a single day to finish, to help reduce that common issue between players. All it does is simply force-close your chat box when any swear word (or commonly used words by players which aim to be toxic) is typed into it, and shows a text in the middle of the screen reproaching you and telling you to calm down.

    I'm aware that Hypixel provides a word filter, but even when it stars a word, you still make yourself look bad, whether it be in front of your guild members, friends, party members, or even random people.

    Definitely, you are always able to bypass the mod's simple filter, but with this attempt you're making the mod utterly useless, and you aren't trying to help yourself get rid of that problem.

    • /antitoxicity toggle - Toggles the mod
    Downloads: https://reflxctiondev.github.io/AntiToxicity/ (you should straight find it in the Downloads section)

    Source code: https://github.com/ReflxctionDev/AntiToxicity

    Thanks, I'd love any feedback, criticism, bug reports or suggestions. Have a nice day

    (Sorry for all that drama, have a potato)
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  2. Hoia

    Hoia Well-Known Member

    Nice mod!
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  3. Kuh


    Kuh Well-Known Member

    The Mystery Guild MYSTIC
    Haven't seen a lot of mods that help prevent toxicity. Great job!

    Can you list the words it will affect?
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  4. *list*
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  5. Aepathy

    Aepathy Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    Looks good, and I haven't seen a mod like this yet. Take my creative rating.
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  6. #6
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  7. Thanks :D
    Thanks, and refer to utils/WordsList.java (link was posted above) for them

    Hehe thanks
    Thanks for posting this, my phone sucks so you saved me lots of efforts
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  8. 0100111001001111

    0100111001001111 Well-Known Member

    --You now have to have this mod to order to play hypixel. Or else you will be banned.--
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  9. I don't really think you should hardcode the words. I suggest that your code reads off a .txt file.

    Also, more words: hxxps://wXw.noswearing.com/dictionary
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  10. Yeah, good idea. I'll probably also make it read from a website, so people don't have to update every time a new word is added (which is also easier than reading a txt file)
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  11. An online .txt file?
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  12. I need this SO MY self esteem dosent go down yeeet (i dont have that much SELF "STEAM")
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  13. Yes, similarly to raw gists from github. (example)

  14. My boi, it's a good mod & all helps me to my 100 mods folder, but I don't use standalone mods anymore I use Clients like BL & Hyperium for Hypixel and maybe soon to be Imp Client ;)
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  15. Imma go download it.
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  16. I'll definitely download it!
    Can I add/remove which words are counted as "toxic"?
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  17. Nope, but will probably add this in the future
    Don't it's a virus

    Yeah looking forward to this c:
  18. My windows computer says that it might harm my computer.

    dO yOu pWWoMiSe nOt tO hArM mY cOmpUTEr?
  19. thx ref god
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  20. It's a ransomware, you must pay dank memes in order to get ur data back >:D
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