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  1. Hello!

    I know that a lot of people (including myself) have this problem:
    You're chatting away with a friend, using ./r to reply to him all the time. and suddenly, BAM, some player decides to message you as well, and ruins your whole ./r.

    Or another scenario: Say, you' re playing a game like warlords, arena brawl or smash. The text is going quite fast, so its really easy to miss someone messaging you.

    For exactely these purposes, I have created this mod: HypixelChatManager.
    What this does, is create a second window for minecraft, where it will handle your chat. Dont worry, you will still have the normal chat with full functionality in the normal minecraft.

    Yes i know i misspelled you're*. Get over it.

    This mod reads all your incoming chat, and takes all messages which start with "Guild" , "Party" , "To" or "From". In case of a to/from , it will find the player you are having a conversation with, and put the messages in the correct tab. guild and party will both have their own tab.

    The textarea in the tabs will read your text upon enter, cut off everything that does not fit in the normal minecraft textbar anymore, and use the default command (/pchat, /gchat or /msg<player>) to send a message.

    • Keep track of all people you are currently messaging
    • Keep track of lobby/game chat, without the game messages
    • use the box in the window to send that player a message
    • Colors for all ranks
    • Unread messages will be noticed by a magenta background on that tab.
    • Keep track of which server you are currently at (useful for reporting something if you have a bug/glitch) (toggable)
    • Keep track of any friend request you get (toggable)
    • remove the "friend joined." and "friend left." from the actual chat (toggable)
    • You can give "notify words". Every time one of these words is included in a chat message, you will get a different notification sound, and the background will turn yellow instead of magenta.
    • The mod has 3 versions: one for 1.8, one for 1.8.9 and one for 1.9!
    • More? Tell me if i missed anything!

    The download is up for grabs here:

    How to install

    download the mod from here:

    download and install forge 1.8/1.8.9/1.9 from here:

    when you have installed forge, drop the HypixelChatManager.jar into your mods folder in .minecraft .
    That's all there is to it!

    This mod should run completely on its own, and therefore should be compatible with any other mod. If you find any mod which does not like the chatmanager, tell me and i will try and find the error.

    If you have any feedback on this mod, I would love to hear it!

    !!!Even tough this mod does not alter packets, or even interacts with the server, use it on your own risk!!!
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  2. I think that this is a pretty neat idea. Especially when you have multiple monitors, like I do :p

    It would be nice if you could get explicit permission from an administrator though :p
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  3. agreed, tough im not sure who to message for that, do you know?
  4. You could try asking Jamie :)
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  5. Useful +1 XD
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  6. uploaded 0.2Alpha ,
    • Changed the flickering of the name on new messages to just display the background of that chat to magenta.
    • Changed the green color (vip, guild, mod) to a darker green which is better visible.
    • Added a timestamp to messages.
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  7. Unfortunately, they dont look into individual mods, and only redirect to the allowed modifications mod. Nevertheless, I believe that this mod is completely safe, as it does not handle anything server related, nor does it contain any macros. (Also, ive been using it for the past day, and have not seen any strange behaviour.)
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  8. [​IMG]
    Maybe you could make it responsive, so that I can resize the window without any black boxes or the chatbox disappearing when I make my window smaller :p?
  9. Windows are now (0.3A) responsive :) when the rows of tabs become larger than 5 its starting to go a bit weird for me tough. Then again, who has thát many conversations?
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  10. Version 0.4A fixes messaging build-team members.
  11. 0.5A introduces a new messages line, which disappears after 15 seconds. This should be a lot easier to find new messages
  12. 0.6A now notifies you in your current conversations if your friend has left or joined the server. (Note: this will only work with friends, not with staff that you dont have friended.)
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  13. Blaketheboss

    Blaketheboss Active Member

    cool mod but you can always just do /msg [ING] and press enter without a message to send them. you will be in the chat for 5 mins but u don't have to use /r or keep using /msg. i found this out when i forgot to put a message in the command (/msg [ING]). cool idea tho and good work.
  14. The mod actually works exactly that way, it just puts /msg [playername] [your message] in the chat ;)

    However, this mod will allow you to keep chat organized a bit better, and makes it less hard to miss someone saying something to you (when you're in a game for example) :)
  15. Lol that Sjoemel guy tho
  16. Blaketheboss

    Blaketheboss Active Member

    Ya i know that, just wanted to tell another way of doing it.
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  17. Version 0.7A will now notify you if you have a new message with a sound tune. (It can be toggled on and off.) The default purple background has not been removed :)
  18. 0.8A:
    You can now toggle Lobby chat on/off. (This may work for some games, but is only intended to be for lobby chat.)

    0.8A also fixes a crash that happened if you tried to enable chatpling and or lobby chat when you were not logged in on a server.
  19. 0.9A
    • setting for the pling-sound and lobby chat are now saved on shutdown
    • If a message contains any of the following phrases, it will not be shown in lobby chat anymore (mainly for games, but if anyone tells any of these things exactly in the lobby, it wont show up either.)
    • You do no longer get a notification in party/guild chat if it was you who spoke
    everything between "" is blacklisted.

    //crazy walls
    "minutes before the Green Walls fall","minutes before the Red Walls fall","c0:01 ","c0:02 ","c0:03 ","c0:04 ","c0:05 ",
    "Cages open in: ","INSANE MODIFIER: ",
    "Round Winner:", "Top Cop:","Most Wanted:",
    "Your party can't queue for Turbo Kart Racers:","aPosition: ",
    //found a server
    "Found a server running ",
    //didnt find a server
    "You were kicked while joining that server!",
    //compass text (various modes)
    //selected kit (skywars, other modes?)
    "eSelected Kit:",
    //tipping message
    "+25 coins for you in",
    //quests started
    "You started the Daily Quest:", "You started the Weekly Quest:",
    //quests completed
    "Quest Completed: Daily Quest:","Quest Completed: Weekly Quest:","Quest Completed:",
    //rating maps:
    "Rate this map by clicking: [5] [4] [3] [2] [1]",
    //win message:
    "Total Earned Coins: ", "Total Earned Experience: ","Winners:",
    //bug message (housing)
    "If you happen to come across any bugs make sure you report them at http://www.hypixel.net",
    //store links (server-wide)
    //accepting friend requests
    "Click one: [ACCEPT] - [DENY] - [BLOCK]"

    if i missed anything, please tell me :)
  20. Are you going to update this to 1.9? :D this looks awesome!

    P.s is there also a tab for all chat? I would like that so I can say gg while I'm in party chat or something XD Just a suggestion! ;D

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