1. Q__T

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    TheALTs ALTS
    Just optifine and autotip
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  2. 30 lines or 30,000 lines? ;-;
  3. Bit late, but I cannot seem to find this issue. I'm assuming it has something to do with multimc, so could you send me your game logs through PM so I can confirm this?

    30,000 lines :p 30 wouldn't be that great, would it?
  4. Q__T

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    TheALTs ALTS
    I guess I can try again. I took it all out, since it didn't work. I'll give another go sometime and PM you when I do.
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  5. Teach me your codecreative ways @skyerzz
  6. 90% hot tea, 2% knowledge and 8% magic , those are my usual ways :p
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  7. Lol nice, actually, where did u learn to make stuff like this? :p
  8. I just have an idea in my head, and start to try stuff till it works usually. I learned coding through trying stuff, and when it didn't work I'd look at stackoverflow to see what I've done wrong. Change it, and loop this process. Not the best way to learn coding, but that's how I did
  9. Just wondering, what is different from this and cecers mod, beautiful mod though, will delete this comment after response
  10. (No need to delete your comment, it's a legit question, which are always welcome!)

    As far as I am aware, cecer's chat length mod works with liteloader, and this one works with forge. I personally prefer forge a lot more than liteloader
  11. Ah, yes, well thank you! Installed
  12. Sorry if this is necro posting, but does this mod also work with @KerbyBit's mod Chat Triggers?
  13. I think it will, as his mod doesnt alter the vanilla chat, but instead alters and extends on the messages in said chat already. However, i cant guarantee it, you'd have to try to find out for sure :)
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  14. Ok, thanks! :D
  15. Just checked and can confirm that they both seem to work fine together
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  16. Thanks!!
  17. Void Chat isnt working for me.... I have it in my mine craft/mods folder but it doesn't go 30k lines up, just the regular 100
  18. Could you send me a pm with your launcher logs and other mods you use?
  19. WorstBehaviour

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  20. Sure, I will get it to u tommorow cuz I'm on my way home from soccer/football

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