1. I've had a lot of people ask me if there is a way to remove all of your friends in one go - Sad to say, there isn't.

    Until now!

    With this mod you can easily remove all of your friends (unless specified otherwise, see below) automatically. It will remove with a speed of 100/friends each minute (I limited it due to network stress and API calls.)

    Are you ready for some math? Here is some math!

    Let us state the following:
    • You have exactly 1500 friends
    • You type with a speed of 110 words/minute (my average)
    • You make NO typo's at all.
    • You are super good at remembering names, and therefore only have to type /f list each 8 friends.
    Removing one friend costs you 3 words. Removing 8 friends (since you also have to type /f list once) costs you 3*8+2 = 26 words. You type with 110 words/minute without making ANY errors, which means you (rounded down cause most people don't even type that fast) could remove 4*8=32 friends each minute.

    You would need 1500/32 = 46.8 minutes of extremely fast typing with zero errors, not including command cooldowns and stuff, to remove all those friends.

    This mod will allow you to type only 3 words to activate it. Then you can sit back and relax while it will remove 100 friends each minute. This takes you 15 minutes of relaxing, drink a cup of tea, instead of typing furiously for 46 minutes. And the best thing? This mod does not make any typo's!

    NEW 13/7/2017
    The mod now supports you to choose to keep certain people on your friends list.
    you can specify which people you want to keep with a minimum network level, as well as a Latest date added field.

    If you want to remove all friends, but keep everyone above network level 150, and keep everyone friended before the the 4th of january 2017, you use this command:
    /Removeallfriends true 150 04/01/2017

    Please note that the date is DD/MM/YYYY. the filled in numbers can be substituted to your own preferences.

    disclaimer: This mod is use on your own risk. You can NOT undo the removal of friends. This mod ONLY works on forge 1.10.2, and i will not port it to lower versions. If you really want to remove all your friends, consider logging in on 1.10.2 for a brief while, and when its done, go back to your old versions and remove this mod from your mods list :)

    I hope this mod will be of use to some of you :)


    How to install:

    • download and install Forge 1.10.2 ( here )
    • download this mod (see above download link)
    • drop the mod into your .minecraft/mods folder

    How to use:

    • Start up your minecraft forge 1.10.2 version
    • Log in to hypixel (The mod will not work with any other server!)
    • Use /Removeallfriends for further instructions in-game.

    For interested people, the Sourcecode can be found here (I'm warning you, this wasn't made to look nice!):
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  2. Uhhh I guess its good for the people who add everyone and want to get a clear f list but otherwise idk how i feel about this
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  3. Its only made for people who have a lot of friends and want to remove all off them. I got asked if something like this existed on the network multiple times, and always had to reply that it didnt. I'm not forcing anyone to use this (Friends are nice, why would you want to remove them all ;-; ) but for people who are sure they really want this, its now available :)
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  4. 506884

    506884 Well-Known Member

    nice mod
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  5. Well im not exactly sure if you could develop this idea but lemme explain it.

    My phone always tells me to clear out apps that I havent used for a month plus. So, maybe if you could do something that could like filter out the people who you pretty much never talk to and just remove them.

    Otherwise I can understand that this mod has a purpose and I guess its convenient for some.
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  6. Well you would have to monitor all your private chats then.
    What you could do alternatively is automatically check their last login dates and remove inactive friends, if you want that.
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  7. Remove only inactive friends (as an option) Is something i could implement yes. Friends you never talk to is not something i can do, as I have no access to your private chats (And i am not planning on making a mod just to do that.)

    What would you say counts as inactive? 1 month? 3? 6?
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  8. #8
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  9. Very helpful! Only if there was a way to select the friends you wanna remove but keep the ones you don't
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  10. Well, that would require a lot more dev time :p just re-add the people you want to keep? If it's really not possible I guess /f remove stays an option To do manually :)
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  11. I'd say inactive would count as a month, but before doing so if you could do like a list. For example:

    Command *this is a bad command you can get a better one*: /inactivefriends

    Inactive Friends:
    Skyerzz [REMOVE]
    minifreddusch [REMOVE]

    Essentially, you can remove the friend from the list so that you if a friend is on a vacation or something it dosn't remove them from your list.

    I feel like this might not be making sense so if you need ill PM you about it so I can explain.

  12. How about i let people choose their own timeslot?

    /Removeallfriends all - removes all friends
    /Removeallfriends 6m - removes all friends who have been inactive for 6 months (6 replacable by any number, y for years, d for days)
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  13. Thats a good idea, but the thing is there should be a way to filter some friends.

    For example, if I get a youtuber on my friend list who hasn't been on the server for a month. Having a youtuber on the list is a thing that you should be somewhat happy about, so if they get removed due to a mod, that would be bad.

  14. This is something i explicitly did not put in there, as I find this becomes pure rankism. Will probably not be adding specific rank-type options.
  15. No, no its not something that is rankist. I just tried to use that as an example. The point is that the person should be given a list before just removing someone. Because some of the old og players who were various ranks, like maybe the player Cashboys, he is a well known player and say he was inactive for a month. I don't think everyone would want to take him off.

  16. Well, that would revert back to showing the list first, then do something to add exceptions and that would honestly become too complicated (not to mention that people would get more spam in their chat than the chat is actually long (100 lines without mods), so they cant even see a full list)
  17. Thanks skyerzz this is perfect, about time i did something to that 150 pages of friends i got x33
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  18. Cool I never knew you can do this. But probably not gonna use it
  19. Sfyri

    Sfyri Well-Known Member

    TPala TPALA
    You could add a feature where there is a list, you only have to put someone's IGN you want to keep as friend into that 'keep as friend' list and the player in that list will be spared of the /f remove massacre
  20. problem is that i'd have to create a list then, which can be read from file (which people would have to imput correctly and stuff, which always goes wrong, and they will blame me because of that)

    If you want to keep some friends i suggest keeping to the old tactic of ./f remove , or re-inviting them later
    (or feel free to edit my source code for your needs)

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