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    Hi all, I've finished a giant, fully operational theater for shows and events of all kinds. It's well-built with different mechanisms built-in to help you keep the crowd under control with limited audience moderation.

    Notice: Working on a Discord server for the theater RN!

    The Theater Features..

    +Plenty of room for tons of audience members
    +A balcony accessible only to those with flying permissions, or honored audience members.
    +Penned-in seats surrounded by fence gates
    +A stage inaccessible by the audience
    +A complete lighting system with labeled lights so that you can write down lighting codes for scenes.
    +A complete network of ice tunnels underneath the stage so actors can get to where they need to go.
    +A Discord with a sound system so you can host music.
    +Restricted access so only a Co-Owner can let somebody into the theater.
    +A refreshments area
    +A 'floodgate' so you can filter out all the people who aren't supposed to be there with kicks if they haven't given cookies, etc.
    +I can customize the house settings to your liking, with the exception of giving anybody building permissions.

    The theme of the theater is the Hypixel lobby, with the same palette and styles. The inside of the theater is atmospheric and detailed, with the ability to change the surroundings of the stage to create a set, if you host a play/musical.


    Q: What kind of events can you host here?
    Literally anything! A guild announcement to a very organized PvP tournament to full-on Minecraft Broadway level musicals or just a play. Maybe a gathering place for a BedWars tournament or an XP party. Anything you can think of!

    Q: Can you customize the stage to my liking, like make it a forest?
    Absolutely! Maybe you'd need it for a set for a play. I won't make it too elaborate and will keep the base structure underneath so it can be easily removed after your performance is done.

    Q: What if I'm hosting a play/musical, and I need different sets for different scenes?
    Well, sets HAVE to be simple, because I have to change the sets in between scenes. I'll probably need to come with you for a couple rehearsals and practice changing the scenes to make sure I have everything in the right order and I can change the sets. We'll tweak as needed then.

    Q: So, how does renting the theater actually work? What's your process?
    First off, you apply! If the date doesn't work for me, I'll ask you to reschedule it. With that in mind, if you plan to rent the theater, it is best to do it sooner rather than later and BEFORE you publicly announce the dates.
    Then, I'll start working on any alterations to the theater for you, if you desire. If you have different sets, then see the third question.
    I'll probably help you in advertising the event, if I have time beforehand.

    Q: Can I take a tour of the theater?
    Sure thing. I can show you the backstage. I don't have a special schedule for these or whatever, since it's just more dates to worry about. First, PM me your IGN in the forums so I know to look out for you, then send me a friend request in game whenever I'm online. My timezone is PST if that helps you.

    Q: I have a question that isn't answered here!
    PM me @EnjoyTheShow. If it's a big question that I missed here, I'll probably add it to the thread. You can also reply below, but if this thread gets tons of replies, the less likely I'll be to see your question. PMing is more reliable.

    Code word: Tell me what your favorite block in MC is in bold letters to prove you've read all this.

    The Theater Rent Application
    Be noted: There is a code word hidden somewhere in this thread you must include in your application so I know you read the whole thing.


    What event do you want to host? Describe in detail:

    When do you want to host it? Make sure your date is not overlapping with any of the other events being hosted. See list below:

    Will you have multiple shows for the event?:

    How many people are apart of the event, like actors or hosts?:

    Will your show require audience interaction, if yes, will they need to come up on the stage?:

    Will your event require alterations to the stage, like a set?:

    Will you need live set changes, if you're doing a show?:

    If your event requires rehearsals, how often have you rehearsed?:

    Have you done events like this before?:

    How'd you hear about this theater?:

    Will your event require anybody, at any time, to break or place blocks on the stage?:

    Does your event require snow/ice to be placed on the stage?:

    Do you need any music/songs to be played during the event?:

    Are you willing to change the date of your event if it does not work for me?:

    How many people do you think will attend the event?:

    Is you event already heavily advertised?:

    Does your group/event have a Discord server? If yes, can you invite me?:

    What are the settings you want for the event?

    If you are doing a play/musical, is it an original work or is it somebody else's work who may potentially get angry at you for not asking their permission?:

    Did you read through this entire thread and completely understand everything you're signing up to?:


    That's all for the application. Most of it is just technical stuff so don't worry about me straight-up declining your application if you don't seem worthy enough or whatever.

    The Schedule
    [IGN]-[Date(s)]-[Event Name]-[Short Description of Event]-(Optional) [Featuring IGN of someone important in your show] as [character name]
    Filled out:
    TheTaxiDriver - 3/30/2021 through 4/30/2021 - Annie The Musical - Featuring randomguy758625 as Miss Hannigan

    Note: If you have a poster for your event, then that's what we'll put here.

    No events yet. Feel free to schedule one!

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  2. iKyoto

    iKyoto Well-Known Member

    Kyoto NRDD
  3. Nice work!
  4. Interesting idea! I’d be interested to see if it gets used/ what’ll be done there.

    Annoying side note - there’s no way for you to have 60 audience members unless there’s no one actually on the stage :p
  5. oh wow. can't believe I didn't realize that. thanks for reading and catching that detail though!
  6. AMAZING! how much?
  7. Question: Is it possible to apply to work at the theater? For example, do security, help with the set changes, etc?
  8. I hadn't thought of that, but it might be nice to have some people around I trust. I will think about it. Besides, anybody I'd let have building perms I'd have to know and trust a lot..
  9. What did you use to make the banner?
  10. If You Do, Count me in :D
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  11. Gotcha. If you ever need, I'm always on housing. I can help for whatever you need :)
  12. Google Drawings.

    First, I got a screenshot of the build. Then I used the Snipping Tool (I'm on Windows. It comes with your computer, I think) and copied the screenshot into the google drawing. Then pasted in text and stuff. Then I took a screenshot of what I made in Google Drawings using Snipping Tool, pasted it into a useful website called Snag.gy.com. basically what snag.gy lets you do is get the URL of a screenshot so you can paste it onto a forum post/signature without having the upload the file. Super easy.

    With snag.gy though, sometimes the image will not load even if it shows up in the preview. So sometimes you have to right click the actual image in snag.gy and copy the URL and sometimes you can just hit the pre-made copy button on the website and it works fine.

    Then in my signature, I highlighted the banner and pasted in a link to this thread! Boom. easy. like less than 10mins of work. I might make a guide for this.
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  13. This looks amazing! I'd love to see more builds that feel so community-centered.
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  14. Do you mean how much is it to rent? It's free..
  15. bump. its just a little expired.. i don't want to make a whole new thread to clog up stuff.
  16. J_Nawotka

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    Hey, i would love a tour of this place!

    I am a professional lighting engineer irl and if you need a lighting crew member I will be happy to help!

    my IGN is: J_Nawotka
  17. This is Minecraft. How are you going to engineer lights in a Minecraft build. Also, necropost (posting when it's past 14 days).

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