1. Necroposting is when you post something on a old thread that does not get any posts for 2 weeks.

    If you do necroposting, you'll get some hate from Hypixel Forum Community, and you'll waste Moderators/Admins time to lock the thread.

    If you keep doing on more old threads, you'll waste Moderators/Admins time much more and theres 90% chance that the most of Hypixel Forum Community will hate you. And that will probably get you punished from Forums.

    So please just hang out at Forums like how most of the community does.

    This was a small thread that i wanted to do on my free time. If there is a thread about this, I'm sorry.
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  2. TheWildTester

    TheWildTester Well-Known Member

    Yes please dont
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  3. Checken

    Checken Active Member

    Honestly, I kinda am quitting the forums.
  4. Oof, :(
  5. I'm still sure new members won't really care, but nice thread nonetheless :)
    oof rip
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  6. Thanks! :D
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  7. Wow it got some good attention :eek:
  8. It isn't really a forum rule since there aren't any, but nonetheless nice thread!
  9. It should be a forum rule though,

    Thanks! :D
  10. #10
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  11. Good thread! :D
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  12. Nice job! I'm sure new players who don't know what it is, this will help them
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  13. Thanks! :D
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  14. Emorla

    Emorla Well-Known Member

    E motions
    Guild Master
    I'm copying this to my notepad of referal threads.

    Pretending I'm someone who posts useful responses.
  15. lol
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  16. So I just learned you can necro on stickied posts.
  17. Yep.
  18. Oh wow ty I didn’t see the warning b4 posting a thread that the thread is old
  19. Thank you for clearing this up, i wasn't even sure of the meaning till now.
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