1. Just wondering, if you ever taste the kind of food that is delicious but it makes you not want to eat it again?
    For me it’s pizza
    I have tasted lots of different kind of pizza from pizzahut to dominos but I still do not think pizza is something I would love to eat
    It just is like if someone offer it to me I will eat it but it will not be in my list when hungry...
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  2. definitely my right arm
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  4. Mac N' Cheese tbh
  5. iSilas

    iSilas Active Member

    rocks taste pretty nice
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  6. Skyhighe

    Skyhighe Member

    1. Wrong section
    2. My space bar
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  7. hamburgers
  8. I can actually relate to this lol
  9. Tbh its pizza but it isnt because of that exact reason. I dont like pizza bc if I cant eat a whole pizza and I put it in the fridge and eat it later it tastes disgusting. The crust is soft and the cheese is disgusting and it makes the pizza seem horrible.
  10. I used to like pizza. In 7th grade it was my sisters birthday and my parents got pizza. I ate 4 slices in a row and it was honestly amazing. The week after was my other sisters birthday so I asked to get pizza again and they agreed. That time the pizza wasn't as good, and I felt sick, and got a stomach virus for a week and was puking and had diarrhea every day. It was awful and I blamed it on the pizza and now I dislike it.
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  11. the same happened to me except it was my right arm and not pizza
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  12. Timbuktu10

    Timbuktu10 Well-Known Member

    PCave PC
  13. Bloje's 3 back hairs
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  14. Atrin11 has a pretty good left earlobe tbh
  15. wtf atrin12 #1
  16. Joshua

    Joshua Well-Known Member

    Meatjun and kalbi. They’re my favorite but I know it’s unrealistic to be able to get it whenever. Also cheesecake for the same reason.
  17. Corned beef and cabbage
  18. Pizza for me too!

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