1. Oml guys you legit already messed up the first time you tried nerfing tnt now you go ahead and nerf both tnt and firballs its ridiculous did you even try to see how they worked before you added in the new update. Fireball jumping is gone tnt jumping is gone and ontop of that it deals a full 20 hearts of damage as opposed to the last update where it did 2. Like I have no idea why you would do this, minecraft as a game is dying and this update is going to upset the try hards in the game which since the game has died off is over half your remaining players in bedwars. Stop trying to fix mechanics in the game that aren't broken and look to what other people say is broken LIKE the punch bows. Your end goal as a server is to make people enjoy the game not make people angry and quit.
  2. okay sure, ignore the item rotation not like I care or anything..
  3. Jason, I firmly believed if you typed for any longer it would've became your bedtime.
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  4. Skullslice

    Skullslice New Member

    Tnt should do .8 the kb that it does rn.
    Import bukkit.event.explosions;

    I dont know code im just trollin lol but i honestly think tnt explosions should be changed. Someone start a poll for this please.
  5. ????????????????????????????????????
  6. they didn't nerf either...
  7. There has been no announced or official update of bedwars for over 5 months, the only new item or game change is the rotation item which you can see here

    The Hypixel Network would announce any major game changes, updates, or patches on the home page
  8. ''Fireball jumping is gone tnt jumping is gone'', ''this update is going to upset the try hards in the game''
    That's actually very good, well done Hypixel. Or maybe not, they should have REMOVED TNT (and bows too [all bows, not only punch bows]).
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  9. There is still fireball jumping and tnt jumping they changed it back i think.

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