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    Hello everyone, so I'd like to address some of the stuff I find wrong about fishing...

    1. Fishing bait consumed on bobber/hook landing

    I find that fishing bait should be consumed only after the fish was caught, since in real life you could just take back your bait if you haven't used it.

    2. Private islands vs Public islands

    Why is there no information about this? It's quite obvious that you get ~30% more sea creatures in public islands. VS private islands. We need more information... You just add stuff in without telling the community..?

    3. Since the server has a custom fishing feature, there's sometimes an issue where you can't exactly tell if the fish is at the bobber or not causing you to lose out on bait & fish. So my suggestion would be allow ~1 second more time for the player to react.

    4. Rumor, fishing with others around increases fish speed?

    Is this true, please establish.

    5. Titanic angler set

    Howmuch % is the bonus for catching sea creatures?

    6. Dark bait/Light bait

    What are the actual "Higher chance to catch rare sea creatures" %? Like... we need information?

    7. Loot table?

    What is the loot table, what items can we get from fishing..

    8. Fishing pond island

    Does this only increase the spawn rate of shards?

    9. Does magic find work with treasures?

    I've tested Magic Find 4 for 1 1/2 hours, didn't see anything extra really. But still curious maybe I was unlucky?

    15. Burger king foot lettuce.

    The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you get. A 4channer uploaded a photo anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastic bin of lettuce. With the statement: "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." Admittedly, he had shoes on.


    In all seriousness, please give us some information and also if you guys have things to add please comment and I'll add it into the thread.

    [Suggestion box from other community members]

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  2. Agreed, also. Fishing needs a buff, currently, there is no reason to start fishing at all seeing as end update destroyed fishing.
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  3. TooNice4U

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    I'll add fishing needs a buff in the thread :)
  4. /seacreature
  5. TooNice4U

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    Yes sir, however I wonder like the items:

    Titanic bottle,
    Music rune etc.
  6. The private vs public islands for fishing was announced when the fishing update came out
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    I'll check thanks for the info
  8. When you look at Fishing skill menu, it says that Sea creatures spawn less in private islands. Perhaps you haven't seen it
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    ops yea didn't see.. I guess one is debunked.
  10. TooNice4U

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    F no admin response
  11. 1. Fishing can't be buffed to much as there are people that autofish.

    2. more time to reat would be good to people with high ping on this international server (i have 130 ping which is good still)

    3. to not have to deal with 1 and 2 changing fishing completely would be way cooler tbh , fishing is just boring , while i like the fishing in Stardew Valley for example . a little minigame shouldn't be to hard to make

    4. more clarifications should defenetly be given in web aswell as in game like we already have for sea Creatures
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  12. 1. Fair

    2. It says that on the last fishing update post, its not an unknown fact

    3. Never had that issue

    4. Not true

    5. Enough to make it worth

    6. There are better types of bait, don't use these

    7. You learn it by fishing for a day

    8. Yes

    9. Probs not because last time I checked it gives you a higher chance for a rare mob drop, meaning fishing doesn’t give better drops (except for maybe sea creatures)

    15. ok boomer
  13. Yep
  14. Yes, fishing does need a HUGE buff cuz its so boring, so repetitive and less-rewarded.
  15. #AddSeaEmperor'sBow
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  16. Also, diver and sponge armour should be buffed and salmon armour added to the game. And shredder is compeltely ridicolous to max it it has to be a glitch beacuse you need to catch 15000 fish thats actually too much
  17. 15k fish is just a day of using a ridiculous amount of fish bait.
  18. YES
  19. AzzerUK

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    Just so you know, there seems to currently be a bug with higher fishing levels. The higher your fishing level, the LOWER the catch-rates (that +0.2% per levels seems to be taking off, not adding on).

    For example, a level 32 fisherman catches less overall (averaged out over many hours & many days of tests with multiple people) than a level 22 fisherman, by quite a wide margin. Less rare sea creatures.

    This seems to be a bug that was fixed BRIEFLY for about 4 days before the spooky events, then got reverted back when the fixes for enderman-spamming-candies got fixed.
  20. In the fishing category, Diver armour is also broken. I won't get into the buff/nerf discussion but it does need to fixed as you cannot stay still in the water. It makes you move where your head is facing.

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