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    well at least the first I've seen.
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  3. how'd you get the frames?
  4. wait what
  5. KK_Magic

    KK_Magic Active Member

    Tell us how you got the frames lol.
  6. HKNotch

    HKNotch Member

    Probably silk touch them from the portal to the end
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  7. but you can't break them
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  8. Have you ever play vanilla minecraft ?
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  9. HKNotch

    HKNotch Member

    oh true then they had to take a lot of time.
    Or, as the fact exists you are able to obtain these portal frames somehow, u just need to get 12
  10. You can't break end frames in survival. Even with silk touch. They are unbreakable objects same as bedrock. This is either Photoshop or a bug with silk touch.
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  11. for everyone who said asked how I got the frames, lets just say i'm probably getting a game breaker
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  12. teleporting pads?
  13. I don't see how getting an endportal frame is "game-breaking". It's slightly less useless than barriers, nulls, etc. because these are placeable but still. I would say a game-breaking bug involves finding an exploit that easily creates materials or money that can give a person unfair advantage.
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  14. If you visit my island, in my castle there is one of these portals with no frame, its in one of the towers
  15. Breese

    Breese Member

    Haha does the portal work?
  16. This isn't that impressive since at least some players have known about the bug to get the frames for awhile (they've been on ah the for a really long time) like if anything this just gives more awareness to this bug existing but nothing more.
  17. You can place end portals to get these...If you line them up correctly...You can in fact make a end portal.
  18. Technically even bedrock is breakable. Their hardness is just so high that they seem unbreakable. They call it "effectively unbreakable" since it takes SOOOO long to actually break. I forget the actual stats (and I am too lazy to look them up right now) but one of the devs said you could break bedrock if you mined it for a crazy long time (like days worth of time). I know this is a nitpick, just saying...
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