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    ik ik I just posted another thread with my 9th solo win that was because that was my 2nd best kill record :p
    But Im posting this because its my 10th so yay 10th solo win!
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  2. You just made a 9th one today. Literally no one cares like stop post farming lol
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  3. ;-; it was yesterday btw
  4. Breviate

    Breviate Active Member

    Dexterity OFFICER
  5. Why are you so rude you can't even say congrats.

    Grats BTW
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  6. FrickingHeck

    FrickingHeck Active Member

    Why can't you just be nice and say "Congrats"?
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  7. Honestly, why are you so rude? Love that there are people like you in the community. If I could dislike I would.

    But congrats man :)
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  8. Thanks! :D
  9. Its not about being rude or nice lmao. It just gets annoying af. How would you like it if the forums was filled with "insert number" win. Should I make 127 threads for my 127 solo uhc wins? I thought so.
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  10. FrickingHeck

    FrickingHeck Active Member

    But you don't get the point, its a big deal for him. Just like it was a big deal for you when you got 10 star.
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  11. Congrats :D
  12. uhm pls teach me i have no wins :(
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  13. Lowkey just bragging about your wins
    But if it bothers you so much, just stop coming on the forums. Simple.
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  14. Not really lol, I dont really brag just making a point. And I can be on the forums if I want lmao, the forums are a place for disscussion and argument and if I see something that isnt right im going to call them out for it.
  15. You can't anything nice can you?
  16. omg ik u i wanted ur old ign ;-; ClearlyHated
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  17. I can, if you are worthy of praise.
  18. Mhm, full diamond in 2 straight solo wins... just a bit fishy... jk gj tho
  19. That's usually how people at the end so like... but anyways thanks!
  20. Ik, i was joking xp

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