1. 1. Should I use the offical java api or php? bc i dont want to make a website/run php on my computer
    2. can guild player ranks be in it? like insert a guild name and the person who is contributing the most xp will be on top
    3. can i run it on my pc like run a file opening a thing and i type in the guild name and it prints the results
  2. also how do i install it?
    i want to use atom but idk how do i make it so the program just does magic with it i guess
  3. This depends on way too many things for us to answer. Why are you using the API? Which language do you feel more comfortable with? Which language does what you want to do better? Which language meets more of your technical requirements? Etc. It's completely up to you what language you use.
    Maybe. I seem to recall this info was hidden from the API, however in the documentation it appears that xp earned per user is listed. You can try it yourself and see if the data is there. Docs: https://github.com/HypixelDev/PublicAPI/blob/master/Documentation/methods/guild.md
    If you use Java, yes. If you use PHP, kind of but not as well as you can with Java.
    Depends on what language you use. For PHP or Java you can use a package manager like Composer or Gradle/Maven. You also don't strictly need to use a wrapper, you can create your own using HTTP requests.
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  4. So I can use php but I don't want to have to setup an Apache http idk rather have it so I can run a file on my pc and have it print basic text if possible

    I tried composer but I didn't see it doing anything after I selected the php.exe and pressed set up but the biggest problem I have is all the tutorials are php but none explain how to set up but I think I might be able to ask someone ik that might know how

    I am kinda just experimenting and I felt bad for my friend that wish the leader boards had guild the best in the guild but it got disabled so I was hoping I could somewhat recreate it
  5. You can use XAMPP – Cross Apache, MariaDB, PHP, Perl which is easy to install and use.
  6. I am thinking about just using python but pypixel doesn't have any tutorials but hypixelpy does but it requires qrequest which uses gevents requests and nose and I feel like it's a big rabbit hope

    I just want it so if I click on a file it prints text and I can edit name in the code its self idc
  7. If you don't mind using the command line/terminal, pretty much any programming language will do, and you'll just run the program with its respective interpreter (e.g. For Python, run the command "python yourProgram.py").
    Pypixel comes with some documentation, which should help you understand how to use it if you know Python. Just follow the instructions/examples here:
    You can get more detail, such as the functions that are available, by looking at the source code. Here is the HypixelAPI class, which is what you use to send a request to the API: https://github.com/destruc7i0n/PyPixel/blob/master/pypixel.py#L132
    If you don't know Python, you should learn the basics first, then come back to work on this. Fortunately it sounds like the program you're looking for is relatively simple to make.
  8. I got the python wrapper made by snuggle to work and the best part is I can run it while inside the program

    If you read this you can lock it

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