1. Badlion Client Screenshot 2019.09.11 -
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  2. It doesn't have to do anything with the bank right ? Like if you die in main island you lose coins anyway
  3. It’s not the Banks fault u fell in the void
  4. Its the banks fault i couldn't deposit my coins
  5. Still you wont get any refund sadly
    rip 800k
  6. How is it the bank's fault although you couldn't deposit your coins? You're the one who fell in the void, silly.
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  7. That's why I save all my money before they start maintenance xD
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  8. just dont jump into the void
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  9. sorry bro i accidentally grappled into there
  10. That's still your fault, not the banks. End of discussion.
  11. iT's nOt uR fAuLt tHaT i cOuLdN't rEpOrT a CrImE bEcAuSe yOu'Re lInE wAs cLoSed
  12. It’s your fault for not being careful. You have to literally throw yourself off the island to die from the void.
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  13. shut up

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