1. I swear the eye drop is so weird lmao. I grind for a whole afternoon and get one eye while my friend usualy gets around 4 in 20 minutes like he just did. People around me average 12 eyes a day while we have bascially the same speed of killing zealots and same grinding time
  2. Its random, I got an eye while some people were fighting a protector dragon but got 0ne in the other hour
  3. KK_Magic

    KK_Magic Active Member

    That's.... what random means. Say you flip a coins, heads or tails. If there is a 50/50 chance of getting heads, that means you have a 1 in 512 chance of getting 9 heads in a row. Does that mean they are way better, and always getting more eyes? No, it's just random luck which causes them to get 9 heads in a row.

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