1. Wow, thanks a lot :)
    Those words really mean a lot <3
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  2. Most people don't have that amount of time
    And how many days are you saying, because I could do that to if i had the time i did the missions so i could get tier 100
  3. Because everyone despised Hypixel when they have to talk money.

    I don’t understand this in the slightest. If you’re gonna complain about it defeating the purpose of the pass, then don’t buy it. You can still do the pass how it was intended with full purpose. If people want to spend 6x as much as the pass itself on level skips for cosmetics, then they can do that. It doesn’t affect your experience with the pass or anyone else’s.

    MVP++ in itself is a full cosmetic rank. In a way, all ranks are technically full cosmetic.
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  4. The battle pass is just cosmetics. I really don't care about cosmetics and loot boxes. But I would like how ranks can get it for free because I can just get free stuff I wont ever use which is cool
  5. A reason there might be so few people who have reached tier 100 rather than 50 is because people who don't have the pass don't get anything past tier 50 so it's not worth it to grind for 100.
  6. welp now i convinced my friend to buy the battlepass :p they enjoy the mvp++ :D
  7. Very good idea Don of adding the battlepass to rank's instead of individual purchase, i feel like MVP++ doesnt get that much privileges than mvp+, like I only use auto tip and gg. If u were to add it to ranks please mvp++ gives people an incentive to buy it :D
  8. I not feel like add Skyblock into Battle Pass because that game no any Chinese in it , I don't understand how to play Skyblock !
  9. Glad it has been extended. I only started playing again on the server a couple of days ago. Was already around tier 30 before I realized this was a thing, so doesn't seem too big of a struggle.

    But for someone that isn't paying for the battle pass is it even worth it to get beyond tier 50? It doesn't seem like there are any rewards after that without buying the pass?
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  10. Staff ummm can you check my ban appeal please from hypixel it was cause i hacked when i was a child but now i am a good 16yrs old teenager and promise won't do it again ever
  11. actually easiest shit ever lmao
  12. Who cares we want The Pit
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  13. I loved this season of the battlepass and I'm excited for the new season so gl in developing it :D
  14. Colablikje

    Colablikje Member

    I am tier 100. and I can say the battle pass is worth it.
    it gives you again something extra to grind and go for.
    some nice cosmetic & xp rewards
  15. OverNamed

    OverNamed Well-Known Member

    What a joke
  16. yes put it with existing ranks or else
  17. I think that the battle pass is a great idea, but obviously, people aren't intrigued enough to complete it. I bought the battle pass and had a lot of fun completing the challenges, but I also thought the prizes were not that exciting. For Season 2 of the battle pass add more gadgets, cloaks, and overall cosmetics :D
  18. People hates Battle Pass because they think it's a waste of money
    They don't wanna spend money and time on completing challenges and getting those useless cosmetics..

    NO DON'T DO THAT, if there's 150 tires on Battle Pass, you need to pay MORE golds on BUYING Battle Pass..

    To be honest, battle pass isn't attracting enough for all the Hypixel players because the reward are just cosmetics, which is kinna useless for all games..
    If the rewards are something that can be use in real life, such as Hypixel T-shirts, there'll be more players buying Battle Pass.
  19. I reached 100 tier in the battle pass. I really liked the idea of buying, I was very disappointed when I waited 2 seasons, and here sharply 1 is extended for 1 month.

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