1. I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead, every single one of them. And not just in melee, but the zealots at range, too. They're like my zealots, and I blew them up at range like my zealots. I love explosive bows.
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  2. Explosive bows>Mock 10
  3. cough who doesnt love people with explosive bows
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  4. i've become what i've sworn to destroy
  5. unrelated:
  6. Ah not again:eek: #Imasadnon
  7. if i had more than 3$ in my paypal i would have bought everyone on the server a rank.......
    or something
  8. Only reason I would buy rank is so that people stop callin me non lmao. It triggers me so much when an mvp++ comes up to me with full ender armor and an aote n calls me a non o_O Even if I'm trying to help them
  9. I am proud of you
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  10. Non is acually not a non ranked for me, but one that acts like it, ecc by scamming
    The reason most "nons" are non ranked as well is cause they do not have as much to lose if they get banned
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  11. You should reply with ‘I don’t speak ender set’
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  12. You're a non for trying to help people
  13. Ok Mr 18 messages and in a lvl 7 guild
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  14. Sorry if I have a life non smh
  15. You leave me no choice... : OKe BOoMeR
  16. ok zoomer
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  17. paiym is ender non
  18. “If u cant defeat them, join them”

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