1. So I mainly play Mini Walls and UHC Champions. I have a good amount of coin boosters and i use them occasionally. The other day I played a mini walls game, which i had about 8 kills, and 4 final kills, and won, i was rewarded roughly 1,350 coins. I decided to turn on a 2x booster and i played another game, this time with 10 kills, 4 final kills, and a win as well, but only received 930 or so coins. Please explain how that works.
  2. Perspicacity

    Perspicacity New Member

    Input is what really matters, gentleman.
  3. puffleman3

    puffleman3 Active Member

    Coin boosters are additive and not multiplicative - for instance say you had a base multiplier of x5 and you activate x2. You will have a x7 multiplier

    As for why your coins seems lower, 10 normal kills = 8 normal kills for coins and you also get coins for wither kills (full value if you land the last blow, half if your team lands it and nothing if another team kills it).
  4. So right now UHC Champions has a network booster of 3x, I activated a 4x booster, and my level already has 3x booster, so technically i should be getting 10x coins?

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