1. I have already posted about right click detecting fishing rods...
    and you Hypixelers helped me, and not a bit.
    But then I thought...
    on Hypixel lucky block skywars I can get a blaze rod, that shoots wither heads when I right click with it. I guess it's someth like:
    /execute run /summon wither_head ^ ^1 ^....
    But how?
    Please explain me.
  2. Hypixel doesn't use command blocks, but plugins that allow a lot more possibilities that commands can.
    And we can't detect with commands something that is not clickable.
  3. Dance

    Dance Well-Known Member

    I think the furthest you can go without actual plugins is checking for fishing rod click. I have no clue how that works but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that somewhere, so I’d do a little googling around.
  4. ok thanks
  5. you can not do that with commands u have to get a plugin u should search up a good server hosting website then u can get plugins but in 1.12.2 at least the best u can do is an snowball turn into a wither skull
  6. It is possible to detect clicks via command blocks by spawning invisible entities in front of the player and detecting interaction with that entity, such as villagers or armor stands.

    One way you can shoot skulls is by spawning an invisible armor stand wearing a skull and moving it forward every tick. It depends on the look you are going for.

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