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    Only for Windows 10 and Windows 8!
    Older Windows versions might lack some features!

    System requirements:

    CPU: All CPU's.
    RAM: 100MB or more
    GPU: Intel HD Graphics ore more
    OS: Windows, but older versions of windows required the .NET Framework 4.5.2

    Might crash when not removing old versions!


    V 6.0.1 - Performance and cleanup update!
    FIXED: Slow image loading when starting software.
    ADDED: Loading splash screen, for awesomeness and to see how long it takes :)
    ADDED: Button to see either the preview or the BB-code of the report.
    EXTRA: Minor bug fixes.

    V 5.2.1 - Crash fix!
    FIXED: Crashing after first run.

    V 5.0.1 - Multithreading!

    FIXED: Better design.
    FIXED: No longer freezing when clicking on check for ranks button.
    ADDED: System that makes reporting even easier en faster! Title is filled in, you only need to do ctrl+v and you're done!
    ADDED: Newest games to list!

    V 4.1 - Performance boost!
    ADDED: Chat detection for spam/advertising.
    FIXED: Some small bugs :)
    IMPROVED: Performance for less powerful pc's.
    ADDED DONATION OPTION! You can now donate for my work :)

    V 3.0.1 - Live chat and fixes!
    ADDED: Live ingame chat! Do not miss anything while reporting!
    FIXED: Lots and lots of bugs :)

    V 2.0.1 - Installer update + finishing touch. Lazier than ever :)
    ADDED: Link to this forumpost
    ADDED: Support for ranks determining, using the Hypixel API.
    ADDED: Errors when you don't have internet connection and when API is down
    ADDED: Rank is now optional.
    ADDED: Dailymotion video preview support.
    FIXED: Teaming system. The report looked kind of crappy with a second playername in it.
    FIXED: Code optimalisation
    EXTRA: Some minor bug fixes.

    V - Added previews and MEDIA/IMG tag support in report.
    Added nice layout when reporting

    V - Added previews and MEDIA/IMG tag support in report.
    Added Youtube Support
    Added DailyMotion Support
    Added .png .jpg .gif URL Support
    Added cosmetic previews.
    Added report counter, saved locally
    Added more checks before writing the proof link

    V - First version with basic features.

    What is Hypickly Reporter?

    Hypickles reporter is a software, made for Windows 8 and 10, written in C#. It provides a handy GUI, which offers the possibility of high speed reporting.

    You can see it as a simple click and report software. While you quickly select things out of dropdown lists, it automatically generates a full professional report for you.

    When you click the Save & Send button, it'll open a new tab in your browser and the full report will be copied to your clipboard. Paste it and done!

    I don't want to miss anything ingame... Reporting will make me miss lots of chat!
    Don't worry. A new feature has been added, which provides a live chat while you're reporting. The data is gathered from your local log files from Minecraft, located in the %appdata% directory.


    You can now donate if you want to! I took a lot of my spare time to create this application. The main reason I created it, was because reporting on the forums takes way too much time :/

    So I decided to help the community by creating this simple and nicely designed reporting software!

    Can I share this program with my friends?

    Yes, sharing is okay. Stealing isn't okay of course xD
    Also, redirect to the downloadpage of my application, don't publish it on your own online platform.

    Ideas, suggestions, opinions?

    Don't hesitate to post them in the comments below or in PM.
    I'm also active on Twitter as @Hypickles.

    I hope your life will get easier when reporting these hackers with this awesome application!


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  3. can you show us a picture of how it looks like
  4. #4
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  5. Great solution and easy tool!

    Thanks for taking the time to make this! :)
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  6. xMdb

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    Hypixel Knights KNIGHT
    HYPE! Thanks for making this! I reported my friend with ease!

    - In-Game Name:
    [ADMIN] Tooanlass_YT

    - Reason:
    HACK - Speed in Skywars

    - Evidence:

    - Do you give us permission to share your proof:
    No, thank you.
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  7. Hypickles

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    And there's the first update!
    Update V1.2.0.0
    Have fun! :)

    DOWNLOAD NOW: .exe
    (watch the main post for all the new features and downloadlink)
  8. Bump for mah fwend :3
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  9. Hypickles

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    If you get a message when trying to run the file, saying it is dangerous, just click on More information.
    Then it'll give you the option to run it. It's because for some reason, Visual Studio doesn't want to recognize me as a publisher :p Don't worry, it's a safe program <3
  10. InBlue

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    And in what program was the constructed?
  11. Hypickles

    Hypickles Active Member

    Using Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. I'm rather experienced in programming in .NET. This is a WPF (.exe) project, with no external packages. That's why you don't need an installer (setup.exe).

    Also, when first running the program, you might experience an issue that the file isn't safe. That's because for some reason, there is no publisher given, but it's completely safe :)

    Say; any other ideas for the application? (There's an update coming soon, with better layout in the report itself)
  12. Hypickles

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    OFFICIAL UPDATE RELEASED (will be this version for a long while)
    This update includes every feature necessary to report someone. If there's anything you guys think that should be added, you can always write it in the comment section below :p

  13. Very nice! I will be sure to use this. Plus it may motivate me to report hackers to the forums more :p
  14. wow this is an amazing idea!
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  15. Hypickles

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    Any other ideas, feel free to say it here :)

    Some ideas I've heard but I won't add:
    - Coloring your own text, like coloring a word in red: NO, because you can do that in the rich text editor too :)

    - Uploading by dragging image in application: NO, because I don't want to spend money on a server to store the pictures.

    - Staff list to easily contact in game: NO, because keeping a stafflist is against the rules if you publish it. Also, imagine every only staffmember getting spammed all day long ;)

    Other ideas are welcome, but think about it first :D
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  16. JulianCrafter

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    How does your reporter works? Do you made a forum account for that?
  17. Hypickles

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    It's really easy.1)
    You download the program (.exe file).
    It'll say that it's dangerous, but it isn't, so don't worry about it.

    Then, you'll get a GUI, where you can give a playername, rank, kind of report, proof etc with previews and such.

    When you're done with the easy and quick GUI, it'll generate a full report for you.
    You only need to click: copy to clipboard and open hypixel report site.

    Then it redirects you to hypixel.net/report new thread.
    There, you only have to do CTRL+V or "PASTE" and move the title to the thread title and your report is done.

    Short summary:
    1) easy gui where you can easily report someone in details in less than a minute.
    2) click the button
    3) paste and move title to thread title
    4) Full report made :p
  18. JulianCrafter

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    ._. I not dumb. I mean, how does it works? How do you developed it(ik with. NET, but how do you report the reports reported with your report tool. Does your tool create a report on the forums? Does it send an email to a mod. Does it get saved to a online database, then you report them yourself?

    PS: Why do you use. NET. You only supporz windows to archieve their monopol in system compatiblity. Why not support cross platforming in just using a common language and providing the source code :p
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