Clean the Lifetime Leaderboards every month so that only high stat active players get shown?

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  1. ImWolf85_

    ImWolf85_ Active Member

    Now here me out, I'm not saying to reset stats at all, this is different and very simple.

    All lifetime leaderboards should reset to 0 every month, and in order to get back on the leaderboard you have to play a game to get your stats back up. This is so completely inactive players can be removed and players who currently play will be seen. As it is right now nearly half of the games have the top 10 full of players who possibly have not even logged on in the past year. It just leaves this very stale look of stats that will probably never be reached in most of the games.

    Also every game and sub category should have a weekly option.
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  2. monthly leaderboard die or something?
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  3. ImWolf85_

    ImWolf85_ Active Member

    Monthly leaderboard is the stats gained in a month, you know how that works and all.

    My idea is something similar to how The Pit leaderboards work. Where you need to stay even slightly active in order to stay on leaderboards.
  4. I don't care about who's active and who's not, I want to see who has the most lifetime stats.
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  5. I think you are misinformed. If you are on the lifetime leaderboards, you are anything but inactive.
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  6. No you said reset lifetime to 0 after every month. That wouldn’t be lifetime anymore.

    You’re essentially saying completely remove lifetime and only keep monthly.

    Why fix something that ain’t broken?
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  7. Haha douche
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  8. I like this idea. For those that may not understand what he is saying, this would not be an actual reset. This is just a mechanism to give leaderboard spots to people who still play at least once every month, and in every month, a player's stats only show up on the leaderboards once they play (maybe don't force people to play the first day of each month just to be on the leaderboard, instead make it so that if their most recent game was less than 30 days ago, they show up the leaderboard). My suggestion though is that this still shouldn't be the main leaderboard, but there should be an option for every leaderboard to only show active players.
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  9. It wouldn't be called a lifetime leaderboard then.

    Not exactly. In some games, people completely grinded out the games before the game became dead, making it nearly impossible to reach the same level.
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  10. I'd prefer yearly resets.
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  11. -Caden

    -Caden Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    this is completely false. the #1 skywars and bedwars players are both inactive, as well as most leaderboarders in classics
  12. I think the lifetime leaderboards show exactly what I want I want to see. Those who have the highest stats. If you are looking to see who has the highest stats for the month, you can look at the monthly leaderboards.
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  13. Lifetime implies for life, so I don't think a reset would keep in the theme of that. The other boards, in my opinion, do a good job at showing who's actively playing
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  14. I think it will be good to reset the leaderboard but mot the whole stats. Just keep updating the lifetime leaderboard and not always those ppl
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  15. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    So people who get max achievements in a game and get leaderboard will be pushed off just because there is no reason for them to play?
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  16. In my opinion I think it shouldn’t remove all the stats by keep updating the leaderboard for lifetime to show more players who is try Harding to get on leaderboard but show them as their ranking like

    #1 abc
    #2 bends
    #3 handkerchief

    #4 Bdbnx
    #5 fodnxn
    #6 dndnnd

    Show it TIL #500 and get back to #1
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  17. The people at the top worked for a leaderboard position and it's pointless to take it away from them for inactivity. I'd imagine that after getting to the top, the game gets boring and repetitive for some, so they move on. Does that mean they don't deserve to show up on the leaderboards? Not at all. If they have the most lifetime stats then chances are they spent the most time on the game, despite not being active anymore. Their time and effort in the past is still valid, and newer players who may be more active should work their way to the top instead of being boosted up there just because they may be more active.

    You've got to also take into account that as time goes on, people get older. When you're a kid you have plenty of time for playing games, meaning you'll be much more active. I know people who were on the leaderboards but then became inactive as they got older, and as time became more of an issue. Does that mean their effort in the past should be ignored in order to make room for new, active players? Once again, no. That's not the point of the lifetime leaderboards.
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  18. iEric

    iEric Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    This would destroy the purpose of a lifetime leaderboard... and that is to see who has the highest stats in a game, inactive or not
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  19. Id prefer a new "active lifetime" leaderboard. That way, people can see both active and total lb players.

    Instead of just throwing out the current lifetime lb.
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  20. It wouldn’t be a lifetime leaderboard then... lol.
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