1. Many mod creators who make mods for Hypixel (some notable across the community, like Sk1er) often put a server check for their mods, so that they aren't active on other servers.
    The problem with this, however, is they only include "mc.hypixel.net" in the server check, and some users use one of Hypixel's many direct IP's to connect. This is because the hostname (mc.hypixel.net) doesn't work for them, as it constantly kicks them.
    So over the past 30 minutes, I have put together a list of all of Hypixel's direct IP's so that they can create an ArrayList of IP's to check from (or a text file from the internet, for easy editing without recompiling every time a new IP is found).

    <anything here>.hypixel.net works, except for:

    Most common ip's:
    209.222.115.<2, 14>
    99.198.123.<2, 14>

    (replace * with any number, 0 - 255, only some connect, ususally 0 - 20):

    If you use any other IP to connect to Hypixel, please reply to it with the IP so I can add it to this list, thankyou!

    For convenience, I have created a GitHub Gist with all the IP's:

    Click here for the link (.json)
    Click here for the link (.txt)

    Gist Comment:
    This contains most of Hypixel's direct IP addresses. If you have more to add, contact me on the Hypixel forums. Also note this has not yet been tested, but it should serve as a good barebones JSON file for other developers to make working copies of.
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  2. You should make this as a GitHub Gist and format it with JSON so that mods can instantly get access to the IPs and stay updated.

    hypixelIPs: [
      "[Add more here]"
  3. thanks for the idea, I would have done this but I am notoriously bad at formatting JSON files correctly, also, some of the IP's (e.g. 209.222.115.*) can have lots of numbers after them.
    Currently, it's 1:30 am, so I will do this later.
  4. 209.222.115.* states that * can be any integer from 0 to 255 and it will be a Hypixel's IP, so the IP string can be:
    and the code for checking server IP will be:
    // String IPforChecking = "209.222.115";
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  5. Oh I forgot, if you feel that making the JSON is a tedious task (I doubt it will be so), just tell me and I will write a small utility for this.

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