1. As an avid fan of Mario Kart 8, I have decided to *attempt* to remake it in Skyblock.

    Introducing: Skykart, a simple, fun public island game for you and your friends to play. The simple design and rules allows anyone smarter than a dirt block to play! I also suck at making advertisement threads so I'm going to stop here.

    Time: As Soon as 5 people join
    Map: End theme thing I don't know what to call
    Reward: One potato (raw)

    Donations of endstone and soup accepted

    Jeez, I really expected this thread to be longer.
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  2. Good luck with your building! Im sure it will look pretty:p
  3. Is it a skeleton horse race?
  4. Nah, not many people have horses, so it will be centered around parkour and mazes and other annoying torture devices
  5. Bytr

    Bytr Active Member

    Literally who cares?
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  6. Obviously, you care enough to respond to it
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  7. UPDATE: Course is about half done, little bit of detail and QOL to add. Should be out by Sunday at the latest. Please respond with times that you feel would be convenient for you, Thank you!
  8. This idea feels like Kart Racers, but I would be interested to see how the map itself turns out.
  9. Don't get your hopes up, I'm absolute garbage at building. Should be fun though
  10. cool. sounds like a great idea (lol i am addicted to mario kart) you think i could help with building?
  11. After spending way too much time on the forums, I have unfortunately lost all trust in Skyblock players and am paranoid that you will scam me. Thank you for offering though!
  12. it's ok. i understand. (lol i have lost trust in humanity, not just the forums)
  13. sounds awesome would love to play it :c
  14. Aquilon

    Aquilon New Member

    Sounds like a great concept, you have indeed intrigued me. What I'm most curious about is how the 'kart' part of the title comes into play assuming it isn't going to be a skeleton horse race.
  15. UPDATE: First game starting as soon as we get 5 visitors. Map is finished. Looks terrible. Rules shall be explained once the island is full.
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  16. so...
    turbo kart racers but on skyblock?
  17. Kinda
  18. sure i will check it out :D
  19. Update again : 1st race was hosted, Skyfall55 won. Ran into some lagback difficulties so will be fixing that for next time. Will bump this post when I host again

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