Should these achievements be changed?

Poll closed Apr 30, 2019.
  1. Golden Survival YES

    32 vote(s)
  2. Golden Survival NO

    11 vote(s)
  3. The crowd goes boom YES

    54 vote(s)
  4. The crowd goes boom NO

    4 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Will do! thanks for the suggestion!
    ayy nice! I'll update the post soon:tm:
    ahh so close!
    Ty! I'll try to word the Vampz and UHC achievements better, also don't forget to vote on whether the UHC achievement should be changed on this thread's poll! :D
  2. Okay, the top post has been updated! "The crowd goes boom" is now in the challenge achievements section, and I added a poll update to the top of the top post. Thank you to everyone who participated in that poll! :D
    Happy Easter to everyone! :D
  3. Thank you for the tutorials! There are useful.
    Anyway, there is anybody who completed "Golden Survival" with the tutorial in the first post?
    I tried it but unfortunately I cant craft Cornucopia.
    I had lunch box kit level 3. I tried to plant these carrots and destroy it but still without any success.
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  4. You need to purchase the extra ultimate craft "Cornucopia" to craft it (emerald > furnace)
    But first, you need to max the Professions Cooking and Engineering (emerald > crafting table > golden apple/anvil)
    This costs 205,812 coins to unlock from nothing (hence why it's in "other achievements")
    (you don't need to prestige the professions to max them)
  5. The bug preventing muted players from using the "/easter" command (and getting the "Secret Easter Egg" achievement) has been fixed so I've heard.

    If anyone could confirm, that would be great!

    (also updated the info for this achievement accordingly)
  6. finally got all of the easter achivements, thanks for making this, it helped quite a bit. looks like now's the time for different achivements and different games. i'm happy the event continued to be on this far after easter, it's really lucky
  7. Ay nice! np, im happy I was able to help :D
  8. sp0ofy

    sp0ofy Member

    Yeah got the VampZ one just need the Cornucopia one done!
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  9. Have I left it too late to complete the Easter achievements?

    Did the paintball and the bedwars one, got nothing
  10. Yes, the event ended yesterday; April 29th 2019 (bottom line under the top image of the announcement post)

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