Should these achievements be changed?

Poll closed Apr 30, 2019.
  1. Golden Survival YES

    32 vote(s)
  2. Golden Survival NO

    11 vote(s)
  3. The crowd goes boom YES

    54 vote(s)
  4. The crowd goes boom NO

    4 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Does it count? is still broken as of a couple of hours ago :(
  2. RIP
  3. I was wondering if you could throw a grenade onto yourself 5 times and it would count as 5 grenade kills because it counts for your quest if you die to your own grenade

    edit: it doesnt work
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  4. Nice guide bro
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  5. Update: Does it count? still doesn't work as of just now. :(

    oof that would have been helpful xd
    thanks! :D
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  6. noice, but you should remove the screen where everyone can see you boosting lol
  7. and wheres that?
  8. The post where you state that the Modern Problems achievement got fixed.
    We can see that you killed JustLibra. I guess thats your alt :p
  9. nope, not my alt but I see why you'd think that :p
  10. Update: I've heard "Does it count?" works now! but I've not been able to confirm for myself, will try to do so soon!

    Also, The Pit got an update and now has a lot more events, so it might take slightly longer for the dragon egg event to happen. Keep that in mind!
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  11. It does work yay
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  12. Update: "Does it count?" confirmed to be working by @AirSickSubset!
    Forum post updated accordingly.
    Thank you!
  13. Updated the "Golden Survival" achievement with a method of getting it (even though its still in the "other achievements" category)
    Also changed the screenshots out for "Does it count?" and "Golden Survival"

    Also also, don't forget to vote on the poll on whether or not "Golden Survival" and/or "The crowd goes boom" should be changed!
  14. Bump because this is still relevant (I want to help as many people get the easter achievements as I can with this thread :D), also, Easter is tomorrow! hype! :D
  15. im so sorry for spamming my own thread like this but this is important:
    Apparently the way I put for getting the "Golden Survival" achievement was over complicated and there was a much easier way, so I updated the thread to show the easier way instead of my over complicated way.
    (Credit to @StevenR8 for pointing this out to me)
  16. That one was balanced, same as the original Halloween pumpkin thing in the lobby and TBR times before they nerfed them.
  17. You should add a strength pot to the VampireZ achievement tips! ;)

    Useful guide! owo
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  18. "The Crowd goes boom" achievement has been nerfed, now it only requires 2 grenade kills, I got it and it caught me off guard since the message is yet to be updated in the achievements menu, but when you get it it shows the new requirement[​IMG]
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  19. Chadman

    Chadman Active Member

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    So happy about this tbh... I wish it was changed earlier though, got 3 in a game this morning while going for the 5 kills :(
  20. sp0ofy

    sp0ofy Member

    Great guide, kinda confused on the Vampz one and the UHC one (which should be nerfed)

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