Should these achievements be changed?

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  1. Golden Survival YES

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  2. Golden Survival NO

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  3. The crowd goes boom YES

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  4. The crowd goes boom NO

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  1. POLL UPDATE: The achievement "the crowd goes boom" has been CHANGED! It now only requires 2 grenade kills in a single defusal game rather than 5! Thank you for participating in this poll, and thank you to the admins for listening!
    Also, Happy Easter! :D

    Hypixel gave us a wonderful Easter update this year, and with it came a bunch of new seasonal achievements!
    This thread will give you some tips on getting them, along with which ones to avoid going for due to them being broken.

    Working Achievements
    These are the achievements that you can obtain with no problems
    Modern Problems
    Kill a Vampire while holding a carrot in VampireZ
    To get this achievement, play VampireZ (Located in the classic lobby) and purchase the "Homecooked Meal" food pack(pumpkin pie) from the item shop(gold nugget in hotbar) in-game, which includes a carrot. Then, get a Vampire low with your sword, and get the last hit with the carrot.
    TIP: You can use a Strength potion to deal more damage with the carrot

    Does it count?
    Click the dragon egg in the namesake pit event
    To get this achievement, play The Pit (located in the PTL lobby) until the minor event "Dragon Egg" starts, then, jump down into the pit and click the dragon egg. It could take around an hour or more for the event to happen.

    At least I got paintball
    Activate the Leeroy Jenkins killstreak in Paintball
    To get this achievement, play Paintball (Located in the classic lobby) and activate the killstreak called "Leeroy Jenkins" it will look like a cooked chicken.

    Jumpstart Investment
    Buy 3 jump boost potions in a game of Bedwars
    To get this achievement, play Bedwars Solo (any mode works) rush mid and obtain 3 emeralds, then return to your base and purchase the 3 jump boost potions.

    Turbo Chicken Racers
    Win the flying chicken race in Arcade Party Games
    To get this achievement, play Party Games (Located in the Arcade lobby) and keep playing until you get the Flying Chicken Race minigame, then, win!

    The Chase Begins (2019)
    Find an easter egg in the Main Lobby
    To get this achievement, go to the Main Lobby and click the egg to the right of spawn.

    Kill 3 different players in a game of Smash Heroes using General Cluck
    To get this achievement, play Smash Heroes and choose the hero called "General Cluck", then play either solo or 2v2v2 (2v2v2 is easier since it has more players, solo starts quicker) and kill 3 different enemies.

    Happy Easter (2019)
    Login on Easter Sunday
    To get this achievement, simply log onto Hypixel on Sunday (the 21st of April 2019).
    This achievement was only obtainable on Sunday, the 21st of April and can no longer be obtained.

    The crowd goes boom
    Kill 2 players using grenades in a defusal game of CVC
    To get this achievement, play a Defusal round of Cops vs Crims, purchase the fire bomb grenade and then try to find someone, shoot them once in the head or twice in the body with your pistol, then hit them with the fire grenade, this should kill them quickly, repeat during the next round or until you get the achievement.

    Check your produce
    Kill 3 survivors in one game while holding the carrot/carrot-on-a-stick knife skin in Classic Murder Mystery
    To get this achievement, play Murder Mystery CLASSIC MODE with the Carrot or Carrot on a stick knife skin and keep playing until you get murderer, then, kill 3 players.

    Patient Hunter
    Spawn a Chicken Jockey using the Hunter Passive in Mega Walls
    To get this achievement, go to Mega Walls and either purchase the class "Hunter" for 40k, and then max its passive "animal companion", or wait until Saturday for a Mythic game. Then, play a round of Mega Walls and get hit as much as possible until you spawn a Chicken Jockey and get the achievement.

    Secret Easter Egg
    Acquire the secret easter egg
    To get this achievement, simply type the command "/easter" in chat anywhere.
    (Muted players can't use this command, this is a bug and will be fixed soon)
    This bug has been fixed, muted players can now get this achievement

    A tower ain't one
    Spawn 99 chickens in a game of Tower Wars
    To get this achievement, join a game of Tower Wars and spam chickens, be sure to build a defense though so you don't get destroyed instantly.

    Genius Summoner
    Spawn a rabbit in Blitz Survival Games
    To get this achievement, join a Chaos game of Blitz Survival Games an choose the kit "Tim X", then run away until you get your kit items and spawn the rabbit.

    Fill the void
    Throw 3 players in the void using eggs in a game of SkyWars
    To get this achievement, join a team SkyWars game on the map "Atuin" and choose the Farmer kit, then, egg spam everyone off the map right when the game starts.

    Egghunter (2019)
    Find all easter eggs in the Main Lobby
    To get this achievement, find and click on all the eggs in the Main Lobby, if you want to know where all the eggs are, check out this thread (click)
    Throw 2,048 eggs
    To get this achievement, throw 2,048 eggs, you can get this in any gamemode with eggs, the easiest would probably be SkyWars with the Farmer kit, it will take you 32 games to throw all the eggs. Alternatively, you can also play Party Games (in Arcade) in hopes of getting the "Cannon Painting" game, where you have infinite eggs to throw for a time limit.
    These are achievements that work, but could (and hopefully will) be changed in the future
    Golden Survival
    Craft a Cornucopia in UHC
    To get this achievement, purchase the kit "Lunchbox" and upgrade it to level 2, this will spawns you with 8 carrots and an apple. After that, play any UHC game and mine until you find 8 gold, then, craft your golden apple and use the golden apple to craft your cornucopia.
    NOTE: you need to place and break the carrots for them to work, apparently there is a bug with lunchbox carrots.

    Since it currently costs 205,812 coins to unlock the cornucopia craft from nothing, I'm hoping this craft will be enabled for everyone by default for this event, similar to how the Santa Cookie is available for everyone during the Christmas update every year.

    Broken Achievements
    These are the broken achievements that you cant get yet
    All achievements are now working! :D
    I'll be sure to update this when current broken achievements get fixed, so check back!​
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  2. 'Modern Problems' has the wrong screenshot. Other than that, great thread.
    Imo, you don't really need to get all the achievements unless it's legacy. Plus, this is for players that regularly play UHC.

    Inb4 players say things like "The server won't be around next year!11one!!" xd

    Or players can find unique strategies to proc kills more often. (Either by cornering an enemy or zoning them into your grenade.)

    Only the best grenade users deserve this achievement.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
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  3. Woops! i'll fix this ASAP, thanks for pointing it out! :D
    I'm around 20k from the craft, could easily get it this time around, but imo seasonal achievements shouldn't require so many coins to unlock the first time around.
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  4. xHexical

    xHexical Active Member

    tried the bedwars one yesterday and that was broken for me and a friend. Was it fixed?
  5. Yep! bedwars is fixed! :D
  6. The Pit is still broken, just tested it again :(
  7. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Vampz is fixed.
    Or so I heard
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  8. i tried the bw one 20 mins ago didnt work for me
  9. Dark_Sean

    Dark_Sean Well-Known Member

  10. Just tried to get the skywars one, and it didn't work? Threw 3 people off the edge in Atuin using farmer, all three got "WOOFed into the void" so they were definitely void kills. Not sure what happened - can we definitely confirm working?

    Also, confirming pit still broken as of 5 minutes ago.

    EDIT: There's a very short period of time where a hit with an egg will count for the achievement - much shorter than counts for kill credit. Make sure the person you hit falls straight into the void immediately, else it probably won't count. Can confirm Skywars working.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
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  11. How do you even get a carrot in vampz or a rabbit in blitz? I am kinda new to those games
  12. celidar

    celidar Active Member

    Faint FAINT
    Modern problems seems to be working
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  13. nolying

    nolying Well-Known Member

    useful, gonna use this to do some today.
  14. Blob0

    Blob0 Active Member

    Hao HAI
    SO HELPFUL! thanks
  15. One of the food options for VampireZ and Tim X in Blitz. (You can get Tim X for free in the special mode.)
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  16. Very useful thank you!
    I think that the sw one is too hard
  17. I feel like an idiot. I kept playing normal mode thinking you could find it in a chest.
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  18. I'll check it out, thanks!
    You can buy a carrot in the VampireZ shop (its in one of the food packs) and the kit Tim X has a rabbit spawn egg in Blitz (all kits are maxed in Chaos Mode, so you can get it easily there)
    nice! i'll test it soon and update the forum post, thanks! :D
    gl hf! :D
    np! :D
    np! the sw one is certainly one of the more difficult ones rip
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  19. what can i say besides
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  20. Modern Problems is working now! :D
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