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    This coming weekend from 13th to the 15th of July (Event has now ended), we are bringing you...

    5x COINS

    for all UHC Quests, UHC Challenges, and all UHC Games played!​

    As we mentioned in our last post about the Blitz 5x weekend, this will be a continuation of our attempts to interest more people in older game modes.

    This time we went with UHC since Nitroholic_ released two great UHC updates recently to improve the game and add additional value for our players. To see Nitroholic_'s updates, see here and here. If you haven't been playing UHC or just felt the game was a bit too overwhelming, hop into the new Vanilla mode - it's a great way to get started in UHC! Just Vanilla UHC - no recipes, extra ultimates, perks or kits, and only 1 row of hearts!

    This small incentive will help more players give UHC ago while playing with their friends and enjoying this fantastic game.

    We will also be able to present the data that is gathered from these two events in one of our upcoming Developer Summaries. In addition, we will share what we could learn from the two events as well as if and what we can improve.

    So throw out the plans for this weekend...

    ... it's time to get some UHC going!
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  2. Awesome! Now I just have to find someone to carry me...
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  3. Nice for UHC players :)
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  5. Ayy now I can grind this game even more!
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  6. Ask any high star (including me) and hope for the best ;).
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  7. Yes! :D

    ...not that it did Blitz any lasting good. A new approach is recommend.
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  8. Both event modes already died in less than a week....
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  9. and here we have another seemingly futile attempt to revive somewhat dead minigames :(

    idk maybe it will work
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  10. There will be normal x2 weekends for all games? This x5 are cool too, but x2 will be better!
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  11. I still plan on using this weekend to grind TKR and keep developing the maps I've built.

    Speaking o' which, please don't try to put a x5 booster on the Classic Games. That'll work against us.

    EDIT: And for you guys disagreeing, I've explained it already later in this post. Look about 8-9 hours down the line.
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  12. Yaay
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  13. Slime

    Slime Well-Known Member

    do it for blitz
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  14. Stannya

    Stannya Well-Known Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    Awesome! :)
  15. ItsShon

    ItsShon Active Member

    Whoo thanks!
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  16. Noice!
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  17. Why is that..?
  18. Great use of the 5x weekend once again!

    (CvC next?)
  19. Cool... I guess
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  20. I mean sure, cool for UHC players, but will this not increase the already stereotypical ("Ultra Hacker Champions") amount of hackers?
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