1. Hello

    I have very bad ping on hypixel and on ranked skywars people have an advantage on me cause i get 200ping because i am from europe.
    Before you say oh yeah we need trasnfer packets, they don't wanna split the community etch...
    let me just say. 1)Hypixel has a fairly big player database so the community won't really be splitted.
    2)Small server have GOOD eu and na server how do thay do that i thought its expensive as symon said on twitter well ballsh*t, the small servers care about their communities and their server is not laggy all the time that's why and hypixel for some reason doesn't really care about the eu nor the na community.
    So what should they do? Well or make eu server and possibly na cause they have shn*t ton of money or just somehow give an advantage to people with lower ping. i am putting this down. I am thinking about stop playing on the server cause of my ping.
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  2. Let me debunk each point.
    • 75,000 players isn't going to last forever, plus even with this amount - a lot of games do not fill.
    • Small servers probably only have a few games, unlike hypixel where everyone is spread out.
    • They don't have a tonne of money, not enough to pay for another 100+ dedicated servers.
    You also have to realise as people would already have ranks - people wouldn't buy new ranks, causing a lack of profit.
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  3. This is fine. I play Skywars at 500 ping all the time and I still win.
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  4. oh and you also win on ranked with 500 ping + cheaters right
  5. Not really, but honestly it is still enjoyable even when your eggs and snowballs never hit.
  6. yeah for kids like you who play casually and not competitivly
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  7. how does mineplex have eu servers then
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  8. The games with 10+ player requirements don't start.

    Most people just play on US because of the lack of players.

    Imagine turbo kart racers or Crazy walls on EU? It wouldn't ever happen.
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  9. ok then if eu servers can't be made we need to get some advantage over you guys
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  10. I'm from the UK sir.

    That's also a bad idea.
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  11. It’s already annoying to verse laggy players. It’s also annoying to fight low ping players as a laggy player. Don’t upset the balance.
  12. Hey, may I ask which country you are from?
    I live in the EU aswell, and I play with 20 ping.
  13. Mate, just move to Canada. End of story.
  14. dont know what laggers are complaining about.
    they can 5 block people and take 0 kb and get away with it.
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  15. nice 1
  16. That is a very stupid idea, I live in North America and I can say that fighting people from Europe is incredibly annoying due to them being laggy, you find it annoying to fight NA players and we find fighting you annoying, it's balanced lad.
  17. everyone can suffer!
  18. Ogres are like onions. End of story.
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    NoWifi NOWIFI
    I get near 300 ping and can still win games with 4-5 kills.but au servers would be nice
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