1. Today, when I was working with the API, I got this error (using the pypixel wrapper)
    {u'cause': u'Internal error', u'success': False}
    Firstly I thought it was my internet, so I hopped onto my droplet (VPS) and tried, and it did not work! I If this is not a problem for many of you, it is most likely a problem with the wrapper or something. Please reply as this is becoming a major drawback whilst debugging!

    ~ TheDestruc7i0n

    EDIT: Noticing that many tools are now using the cached version of their info if they are using PHP, lucky them :p
  2. Can confirm, API not working.

    summons @AgentK
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  3. Ah, finally, the api seems to work faster now! I think it should be fixed! Thanks!
  4. I'm having this issue now, anyone else also having it?
  5. Yup me too, working on something and then this happened, what is up with them!
  6. RIP API
    its down :(
  7. For the second time since last Thursday (for me at least)
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  8. True, but I cache all statistics (for 15 days at least) till newer stats are available in case of API downtime, to make sure there is as little downtime as possible.
  9. I wish that python could do that, only PHP so far can. I may try to incorporate PHP into my code later on but for now it is Python for me without chaching.
  10. Hmm? Can't you write to files in Python then?
  11. Not sure about the others, the the PHP wrapper only caches for 10 minutes and then it tries to get new info, as far as I'm aware I'm the only one with backup-caching.
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  12. Not the only one *cought*me*cought*
    ps i have my own website but i havent shared the ip because i will buy a new host soon
  13. no lies all lies
  14. Anyone else having issues of the API being really slow and mostly not even loading at the moment?
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  15. Yup once again :p Why so often?
  16. all dem [email protected] tryna ddos to get sensitive information from hypixel;
    the location of the last chest in the christmas lobby!
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. [​IMG]
    the accuracy is strong in this one.
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